AUG 25

What eyeglass frames are in style

With Fall fast approaching and back to school clothing is in full gear throughout stores, buying new eyewear to sport is also very much in demand because of the Fall color trends of 2014.

In-style eyeglass frames

From the looks of the runways, the hot color trend for Fall 2014 is shades of gray and bright splashes of colors.

In the world of optical fashion, rounder frames seem to be the trend now.    I personally like the Ray Bans RB5286 Glasses.  The frame name says it all…Ray Bans.  The brand itself is known for durability and quality.  I really like the different choices in the color of this classic rounded rectangular frame:

  • Top Black on Transparent
  • Top Havana on Beige
  • Top Red on Beige
  • Top Blue on Transparent
  • White Transparent

If you are like me and tend to stick with eyewear that is either black or brown foundation colored; it can easily be popped through a bold lip color or necklace.  For this I really like the Top Black on Transparent.  However, since the hot color trend of Fall 2014 is bright colors I seem to also really be attracted to the Top Red on Beige.  I feel that this color frame is something that I cannot go wrong with either because it gives a pop of color and can be worn with an array of color options as clothing; creme, tan, black, gray, brown, yellow and blue…to name a few.

Whatever frame you choose you have to make sure it is right for you because some glasses can be an expensive and people tend to keep them until their prescription changes.  By going with a brand like Ray Bans you are sure to get a durable and comfortable pair of stylish frames!

Stay fabulous!

Jessica xo

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