AUG 15

Solar Eclipse Glasses Buy Them

By rxsafety

When looking up at the sky at this amazing view you need certain glasses to protect your eyes. At we offer Solar Eclipse Glasses.

Green Shade 14

Quality Eclipse Glasses

They come in a Shade 14 welders glass lenses which is very dark and often used for welding as well for solar eclipse observation.  They are far too dark to use as sunglasses lenses; they block over 99% of UV light and 97% of IR Radiation.  These Lenses offer a higher quality optics when viewing the solar eclipse than the standard economy paper glasses sold on the market today.   When wearing these solar eclipse glasses for watching the eclipse or sun gazing your eyes will feel relaxed and you will not squint or strain to look at the sun at all.

Be sure to purchase your Solar Eclipse Glasses at before the next solar eclipse!

Stay fabulous!

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