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What polarized lenses work best in eliminating glare?

By rxsafety

There is nothing worse then having the glare in your eyes.  Using a polarized lens can help reduce the glare.  Polarized glasses are very common among fisherman because it helps reduce the glare from the water while fishing.  I personally use polarized lenses everyday.  The only down fall from using polarized lenses is that it reduces visibility on cell phones and GPS devices because those devices are LCD’s.  There are polarized brown and gray lenses.  The brown lenses have a brown tint to them and the gray lenses have a gray tint to them.

Gucci GG4232S

Check out these Gucci GG4232 Sunglasses.  These stylish frame are made in Italy and have a soft rectangular shape to them.  Be sure to select polarized lenses from the options.

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