JUL 11

What makes Ray Bans so good?

By rxsafety

When I think of Ray Bans I think of the classic Aviator style frame that was originally invented for United States military fight

er pilots in 1937.

What Makes Ray Bans So Good?

No matter where you look you see Ray Bans.  So why are Ray Bans so good?  What makes them so much better than other brands of sunglasses?  In my opinion, Ray Bans are a classic.  They have been around for so long and the older style of the Aviator frame is still very popular as well as the Wayfarer frame.

Ray Bans have developed a brand that means durability and quality; if something works so good for so long and still seems to be in a popular demand then why change it.  Ray Bans are lightweight, durable and are a popular pick among celebrities, rock stars, and citizens of the world alike.  With the teardrop shape and soft edges, it is a great frame for really any shape face.


So why are Ray Bans so good…the name speaks for itself, they are a timeless look.  The Ray Bans can be worn to the beach, out with your friends, or to accent that fabulous outfit for a night out on the town.

Stay fabulous!

Jessica xo

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