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The Many Shades of Lady Gaga

By cosmick

Good news Little Monsters, Lady Gaga has released a new single—”Applause.” Let’s take a look back at some of our favorite Gaga looks.

Lady Gaga and Her Many Shades

Lady Gaga has been a sensational force in pop music, though force doesn’t even begin to describe her. She has sold millions of records and inspired a generation of teens to be proud of who they are. Recently, she released her first single and video, “Applause,” off of the forthcoming album ARTPOP and she has proven that she isn’t done trying to shock us just yet.

Lady Gaga Three Outrageous Sunglasses













The Mother Monster’s style may not suit everyone, but it is undeniable that we can’t stop looking. For better or worse, she has influenced how we dress for years to come. In “Applause,” Gaga mostly trades her crazy outfits for crazy makeup while belting out what has to be her most anticipated single yet. Let’s take a look at some of her most eye-catching (pun, sorry) looks that we can’t stop talking about.

Our Favorite Lady Gaga Glasses

1. Crystal Sunglasses and The Fame

Lady Gaga came out of the New York underground scene with a bang, unleashing her debut album The Fame upon the unsuspecting public. The now iconic cover of the album shows Gaga wearing sunglasses covered in crystals and the general styling was carried over to her videos for “Just Dance” and “Poker Face.” This futuristic club kid look might seem pretty tame to us now, but that’s only because we have since gotten use to her much more eccentric side.

Lady Gaga Two Outrageous Sunglasses

2. Paparazzi Mickey Mouse Glasses

I think we can pinpoint the Paparazzi video as the point where Gaga took a turn towards the strange and never looked back. In a video that features noir theme, voguing butlers and Alexander Skarsgard (swoon), these glasses might be the most memorable part…or at least what most people immediately think of. This is also her first video with a narrative and not just some pantless gyrating, thought there is some of that too. Anyways, the Jeremy Scott glasses are now synonymous with Gaga.

Lady Gaga Mickey Mouse Glasses

3. Smoking Glasses

In the realistic prison documentary “Telephone,” Lady Gaga shows off the latest in prison attire including electric tap, leather jackets and glasses covered in still smoking cigarettes. For many of us watching, this was a big eww moment. Thank goodness Beyonce showed up to help us, wait, she’s being just as weird.

Lady Gaga Smoking Glasses

4. Red Carpet Avant Garde

There’s just so many memorable red carpet outfits to choose from (remember the meat dress and that time she showed up to the Grammys in an egg?) that I decided to list a few. It’s hard to truly group these together since her style changes so frequently, so I made a Pinterest to make it a bit easier. Lady Gaga is obviously a big fan of statement fashion pieces and she definitely commits to the whole look she chooses, going as far as wearing elaborate wigs, masks, face paint and shoes that make my ankles weep. Here are some highlights.


4a. Steampunk Couture

Lady Gaga Red Carpet Sunglasses













She liked these glasses so much she wore a black version with another outfit. That’s saying something as she almost never repeats.


4b. Futuristic Victorian

Lady Gaga Futuristic Victorian














She’s mixing a lot of genre’s here between the glasses, bloomers and those shoes.


4c. Lobster Hat

Lady Gaga Lobster Hate














I know, I know, that last one isn’t glasses. The lobster hat is one of my personal favorite Gaga styles because it’s so random and unexpected that I just had to include it and technically, it does go around her eyes. It’s a stretch, but I’m not sorry.


5. ARTPOP Goggles

I don’t think we’ll be seeing this style on the streets any time soon! For the promotional pics for her latest album coming out in November 2013, Lady Gaga has taken to wearing oversized full face goggles that remind me of the front of a hazmat suit. This is, surprisingly, one of her most subdued look in a while with her natural looking hair and makeup and conspicuous lack of clothing. Leave it to Gaga to shock us by being almost normal.

Lady Gaga


















With all the outrageous outfits that Gaga has worn, this list could technically go on forever. Hopefully, she will continue to challenge fashion and pop music standards for years to come. We certainly cannot wait to see it!

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