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The Benefits of Mirror Coating on Sunglasses

By rxsafety

Sunglasses can come with many different coatings these days and one of the most important types is mirror coating. Mirror coating on sunglasses can provide you with many benefits that might surprise you.

What Are Mirror-Coated Glasses?

Smith Optics Dover Sunglasses

Mirror coating on sunglasses simply means that the sunglasses have lenses that reflect light away from your eyes (more so than standard tinted lenses).  The coating gives the sunglasses a mirror-like appearance on the outside and can come in a variety of densities, colors, and styles, such as Smith Optics Dover Sunglasses. Because of recent technology, mirror lenses have seen a surge in popularity and are offered in both prescription and nonprescription varieties.

Why You Should Wear Mirror Coating Sunglasses

Mirror coating sunglasses are an excellent choice for many people because of the numerous benefits they offer.  Consider these reasons for investing in a pair of mirror coating sunglasses:

Helps Protect From the Sun’s Glare:  those with extreme sensitivity to light or those that may spend a lot of time outdoors should wear mirror coating sunglasses because of their protection from the sun’s harmful glare.  Even during the winter, the eyes can be damaged by the glare from the snow and it is important to wear mirror coating sunglasses all-year round.

Allows the Wearer to Have Brighter Vision:  Due to the sunglass’s ability to reflect light rather than absorb it, mirror coating sunglasses allow those who wear them to have brighter fields of vision.  This is vital for people who drive trucks or cars for a living or for cyclists who spend long periods of time looking into the sun.  In addition, it reduces the amount of light that can get in and reduces the strain on your eyes.

The Styles and Colors Are Nearly Infinite:  Because of the unique mirror design, the colors available for mirror coating sunglasses can fall on a wide color spectrum.  There are many choices to choose from in select styles and colors, such as these Gucci Sunglasses that feature a cat-eye shape.  The colors can range from hot pink to a simple grey on the outside, but your eyes will not be influenced by these colors.

More Resistant to Wear and Tear:  The process of constructing mirror coating optimizes their performance for ultimate resistance to wear and tear.  For those who wish to improve the durability of their sunglasses, it is easy to put additional protection on your mirror coating sunglasses.

Others Can’t See Your Eyes:  A benefit that some people enjoy is the fact that mirror coating sunglasses complete block others from seeing your eyes.  The anonymity that comes with mirror coating sunglasses can be relaxing for some and is a huge selling point for this type of eyewear.

Perfect For Athletes:  Mirror coating sunglasses are often seen in sports commercials because of their popularity with professional athletes.  Whether you’re a professional or not, mirror coating sunglasses are great for those who play outdoor sports and need protection without compromising performance.


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