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Taylor Swift Knows Glasses

You know her by her many Top 40 hits and ubiquitous videos and appearances, but let’s take a moment to talk about her fashion style—her glasses, in particular.

The Many Glasses of Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift has succeeded where many other pop stars have failed. No, I’m not talking about her millions of albums or her sold out tours. She has managed to almost single handedly bring wholesome back to the mainstream. While it’s easy to dismiss her music as fanciful and childlike in its lyrical content, her style has definitely had an impact on a generation of teen girls.

She has described her own style as “feminine, experimental and classic” and it definitely shows. There is no one that can mix modern and vintage style today like Taylor Swift can. She has a whimsical style that always seems perfectly put together and accessorized, whether she is shopping or singing in from of 10,000 screaming fans. So in honor of this style icon, we are going to take a look back at Taylor Swift’s most iconic glasses and sunglasses looks.

Taylor Swift Music Video

The music video nerd glasses

To be honest, I could have written this whole article with just the glasses she wears in her newest video ‘22’, but I decided to start back a bit farther and take a look at her first pair of nerdy glasses from the video “You Belong With Me”. Whilst one can argue that there is a bit more to being a real nerd than just putting on some big glasses, she definitely did rock the secretly pretty nerd look in this video.

Taylor Swift You Belong With Me Music Video Nerd Glasses Hipster

She then refined her look a bit in the the videos for “We Are Never Getting Back Together” and “22”, wearing the same modern style black frame glasses in both videos.

Taylor Swift Music Video We Are Never Getting Back Together Nerd Glasses Hipster

The “I’m going shopping” wayfarers

This girl must have the biggest collection of Ray Ban sunglasses I’ve ever seen! The country star is seen constantly sporting her wayfarers when she’s out and about and on the promotional material for her newest album Red. She has them in multiple colors to match her bright outfits. By combining them with her preppy, vintage style and red lipstick they create a look that is uniquely Taylor.

Taylor Swift Sunglasses Wayfarers Ray Ban Composite

The fierce cat eye sunglasses

If you had as many people wanting your picture as she does, you better have an arsenal of sunglasses ready to hide behind. Every now and then Taylor Swift will ditch her signature wayfarers in favor of a pair of vintage cat eye sunglasses. Adding a touch of old Hollywood glamor, these glasses are casual enough to wear out with everyday looks. While it appears that she only has one pair of these unlike her dozens of wayfarers, they are more in line with her vintage obsession.

Taylor Swift Sunglasses Cat Eye Vintage

The Lolita glasses

As she grows up, her style is evolving with her. We are starting to see a more playful look from Taylor in the video for “22” where she loses a bit of her good girl image in favor of some more youthful looks. Here she rocks heart shaped sunglasses similar to the ones from the movie Lolita. If this is her rebelling, then we are OK with it!

Taylor Swift 22 Music Video Heart Glasses Lolita

Taylor has said that her style is based on a current vision, her past looks being very cowgirl or whimsical and her current look is directed at vintage and classic. It will be very exciting to see where her style goes in the future. So whether she is breaking the hearts of Hollywood’s hottest guys or writing the next big song, one thing’s for sure, she will look great doing it!

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