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Summer Sunglasses

By cosmick

What are the best shades to wear this summer?

Sunglasses for the Summer

Summer sunglasses can range from shades to wear at the beach to polarized shades for water sports and fishing to prescription sunglasses for a specific activity or general us.

If you’re looking for a pair of summer sunglasses for any occasion, from beach sunglasses to rock climbing shades, you can find them based on a few simple principles that are true for most sunglasses.

Sunglasses can be shopped for based upon brand, frame style, lens color, lens attributes, size, and price. If you have a few brands you trust and prefer, it’s a good idea to shop based upon the other attributes, and when you see something that matches what you’re looking for from the brand you like, you can get a closer look at them.

Here’s how to shop for summer sunglasses without getting overwhelmed:

  • Know what you don’t want. Are you only good with Oakley sunglasses and Ray Ban sunglasses? Can’t stand aviators? Knowing what you’re not looking for will save you time and frustration when sifting through the huge amount of sunglasses available online or in the store.
  • Narrow your choices. Looking for a wayfarer frame? Need prescription sunglasses? Need to make sure your lenses are polarized? Knowing what characteristics you want your shades to have will help you narrow your choices to a manageable selection.
  • Frame style. If you are trying to decide upon frame style, there are three things to consider: your face shape (pick a shape that contrasts your face shape; square frames for round faces, etc.), what you’re using the sunglasses for (wraparounds are better for sports, flatter frames like wayfarers and aviators are better for fashion and street use), and whether you need a prescription (the curvier the frame, the harder it’ll be to get used to the prescription in it).
  • Lens color. Gray lenses are traditional and great for color recognition and the darkest lenses, but brown lenses are great for contrast enhancement, and dark green lenses are a good balance between the two.
  • Lens attributes. If you are using the glasses for general use like walking around, going to the beach, using your phone a lot, and driving, it’s a good idea to just get dark tinted lenses. If you need them for water sports, fishing, or specifically driving, polarization is a good choice for summer shades as they’ll made the lenses darker and cut down on light that’s reflected off of cars, sand, and water.
  • Size. Do you have a smaller face size? Do you find that glasses are generally too small for you, and you prefer a larger fit? Knowing your size is another good way to narrow your choices. Know this, though: frame measurements from regular street glasses are different compared to measurements for wraparounds
  • Price. This is pretty self-explanatory. Only you can decide what you’re willing to spend on a pair of summer sunglasses or beach sunglasses. Planning on beating them up? Maybe you want to keep the budget low. Just know that price does have something to do with quality… though that rule is inconsistent depending on what brand you’re going with.

It’s easy to get a pair of dollar store sunglasses that you can throw in your beach bag and won’t bat an eye at when you lose them. If you want a pair of quality summer sunglasses that’ll protect your eyes, give you great visual acuity, and feel comfortable even after hours of wear, then shopping smart to invest in a solid pair is the way to go.

Everybody’s preferences for summer sunglasses are different; your face shape, head size, and wallet are just a few huge determining factors that come into play before personal preference has much of a say.

If you have any questions about beach sunglasses, prescription sunglasses, or anything else mentioned in this article, leave us a comment! Thanks for reading!

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