Prescription Safety Glasses RX-Q200

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The Q series glasses are made out of TR-90 nylon for durability and flexibility. These glasses have a wraparound style and a lightweight design featuring removable side shields. The rubber coated temple bars offer a secure grip, and the saddle bridge nose pad makes for a comfortable fit. The Q200 is bigger than the 100 but smaller than the 300 in the Q series. ANSI Z87 Safety Approved



  1. Kelton Tuttle (verified owner)

    I had the most pleasant experience one could have when shopping online. Firstly, i was not aware that i could even get prescription safety glasses, and i actually found out about rx-safety through a coworker when i noticed their safety glasses lenses appeared to be prescription. I asked him where he got them and that is how i found my way to rx-safety. The selection of styles seems endless and the ordering process was simple and straight forward.

    Once i received them, i was again impressed by the build quality; they feel sturdy and solid and came with a hard case (which it didn’t indicate in the product description, so i ordered one separately and now i have two cases.) Also included was a lanyard that connects to each bow and allows me to hing them around my neck when not in use as well as an elastic strap that connects to the back of each bow that I’m assuming will hold them on your face if you’re in a position that may cause risk of them falling off of your face. And the final nice touch was that inside the case was included a large lens cleaning rag.

    In the end, i couldn’t be happier with my buying experience all the way from product selection to ordering to receiving the glasses. They have exceeded all of my expectations and are as comfortable to wear as one would expect out of any high quality piece of eyewear. I wear them throughout the whole work day and get no pinching or discomfort on my temples that one might expect from glasses that fit too tight.

    In one week’s time (since first wearing them at work) i have already had three other people ask me out of the blue where i got my glasses. Ive let them handle them and directed them to the website each time and they have been impressed. They will all most likely order. I 100% will continue recommending Rx-Safety.

    Thank you!

    P.S. my vision insurance reimbursed me $80 toward my $129 total (that total was “out-the-door” after tax and shipping by the way.)

  2. Kenneth Johnson (verified owner)

    Great Pair of Prescription Saftey Glasses. They fit well and really protect your eyes

  3. Anthony (verified owner)

    Very satisfied. Great quality and prescription was right. Will definitely recommend to others

  4. katrina plante (verified owner)

    These are durable, I have 4 employees that have these.

  5. Joseph (verified owner)

    Good quality glasses

  6. Ken Vose (verified owner)

  7. Heather (verified owner)

    My husband loves his new glasses. They are exactly what we ordered and the prescription is perfect! Took about 2 weeks for them to be made and sent to us but worth the wait. Will recommend to anyone

    • rxsafety

      Thank you for the nice comments. Yeah with the fog free coating and anti glare coatings sometimes it does a couple days longer to manufacturer the lenses.

  8. rolland h. (verified owner)

    Perfect. Prescription is spot on and progressive power set for close work is just right. Very pleased with speed of fulfillment and high quality of the product.

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