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The Right Way to Choose Your Glass Eyeglasses Online

Choosing and buying your new glass eyeglasses online should be a fun and rewarding experience. You are taking the first step to improve your eyesight and protect your eyes. Changing or updating your appearance, making a fashion statement and most of all, enjoying the adventure of shopping online are just the added bonuses. 

Before taking on the mighty task of this project, there are many factors and options that should come under careful consideration:

  • Type of glasses – Prescription, sunglasses, safety, reading, sports, computer, vanity, goggles?
  • Prescription – None, single vision, bifocal or trifocal lenses?
  • Coatings – Tinting, scratch-resistance, anti-reflective, anti-glare or polarization?
  • Style of frame – Aviator, Ballistics, Clip-ons, Hipster, Safety, Sporty, Wayfarer or others?
  • Glass or plastic lensesNatural glass lenses or plastic, polycarbonate lenses?
  • Price range – Do your new glasses fit in with your budget or under your insurance coverage?
  • Optical Lab – Will your lenses be made in-house or will they be sending them out somewhere?
  • Time – How long will it be before you get your glasses?

While these are all important questions to think about, especially when purchasing your glass eyeglasses online, the most critical piece of this puzzle will be the choice of lenses. After all, that is the part that you have to be able to see clearly through.

According to the Museum of Vision, it is widely believed that actual glass lenses didn’t come into being until the late 1200s in Italy. They used natural crystals but due to their weight, the glasses couldn’t be worn and were always held by hand. The other major issue was blurriness due to the fact the lenses could not be uniformly made. In about 1730, Chester More Hall fixed this problem by fusing two types of glass together to create a clear lens. Fortunately, our technologies have been improving on a regular basis to bring us to our modern lenses.

In today’s world, the benefits of glass lenses over the more modern plastic compositions are usually dependent on the purpose of the glasses. Both types of lenses have their individual pros and cons. Most glasses for children and those for sports or safety uses will tend to have the plastic lenses due to their lighter overall weight, flexibility and shatterproof qualities. The main reasons for choosing to have glass lenses installed in your choice of frames instead of the plastic ones will be:

  • Scratch-resistance – The first thing most people will say if you ask them about the positive aspects of glass lenses will be the natural resistance to scratches and gouges. Glass lenses are much sturdier than plastic.
  • Better optics – Due to increased clarity, you usually have a better, sharper picture with glass lenses.
  • Cost effective – Glass lenses are generally much less expensive when compared to plastic lenses.

When deciding on where to buy your new glass eyeglasses online, it is important to learn about the company you’re dealing with. There are many questions you will want answered before choosing to send your business their way. How long have they been in business? What type of prices do they offer? Do they carry popular, name-brand frames? What is their turnaround time? Do they send your order out for processing or do they have their own lab and take care of it in-house?

In business since 2001, Rx-Safety is a family owned company with experience in the optical business that dates back over 100 years. By operating their own in-house labs for both glass and plastic lenses, they are able to deal directly with the public instead of just retailers. This allows them to keep the costs to you low as there is no middle man to raise the final prices. Efficiency, quality and teamwork are the pillars of their daily operations as they quickly and carefully create each pair of glasses. Having your custom glasses delivered directly to you in a minimum amount of time is a high priority. They specialize in fitting difficult prescription lenses to the most exacting designs such as wraparound frames or free-form applications.

To view the wide selection of frames including the name-brands such as Nike, Lacoste, Carrera and numerous others, contact us for more information.

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