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Rec Specs Maxx 30 prescription glasses

By rxsafety

Rec Specs Maxx 30 prescription glasses

The Rec specs Maxx 30 are a great choice for protecting your eyes while playing sports. They are the first protective sports eyewear to receive the AOA (American Optometric Association) seal of acceptance.  The frame is unisex and we offer it in the following colors: Crimson/Black, Shiny Navy Blue/Black, Plated Silver and Shiny Black.  The temple and bridge have a soft inside padding so it can fit comfortably and if you are hit in the face while wearing these glasses it offers protection against your eyes.

Rec Specs Maxx 30

Wearing protective eyewear not only help protect your eyes while playing sports it also enhances the ability to see better while playing.

Stay fabulous!

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