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Prescription glasses for night time driving

By rxsafety

Driving at night and not wearing the proper glasses can not only be uncomfortable but dangerous. When purchasing the frame, look for something that is durable and comfortable for your face.  At we offer a program which allows you to purchase the Frame Only to try on for comfort, this is a great option if you are hesitant about the frame. When ordering your lens options for night time driving it is best to get the Anti-Reflective Coating. This improves both the vision through the lenses and the appearance of the Glasses. The coating reduces the reflections on the lenses themselves and is ideal for reducing the lights from on coming cars. Try to avoid getting any tints to the lenses because this will impair your vision especially at night. If you want a frame that is comfortable and offers full vision try our Geek 111 Eyeglasses great for both men and women. This frame comes in Black, Brown Strata and Crystal.

Geek 111 Eyeglasses

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