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Polarized Sunglasses for Deep Sea Fishing

It’s the kind of event that becomes a highlight of the season. Wake before the crack of dawn, load up the fishing gear, and get down to the pier. Find a few spots at the rail, set up your rod, arrange the bait so it’s there at the ready. With the sun peeking over the horizon, the party boat heads out, tracking schools of fish. Find one and drop your line – no casting is necessary. Before long, the line goes taut and the reel begins to unwind. You’re about to experience the thrill of pulling in your first fish of the day.

Deep Sea Fishing? Use Polarized Sunglasses

Polarized Sunglasses for Deep Sea FishingWhether it’s a father/on outing, a family bonding event, or a day out with friends, deep sea fishing can provide memories that last a lifetime. It also requires a proper pair of sunglasses for optimum enjoyment. Between the sun blazing overhead and the reflections off the water, you’ll be constantly bombarded by bright ultraviolet light.

The best eyewear for deep sea fishing is a pair of polarized sunglasses. Polarization is a coating that reduces glare from reflective surfaces and is ideal for any water activity. So how does it work?

Sun rays bounce off surfaces and reflect in multiple directions. Bodies of water cause considerable glare because of all the surfaces created by moving water; it’s almost like a natural “disco ball” for reflected sunlight. Being out on the water causes distortions of vision and color and blinding flashes of glare.

Standard sunglasses reduce (but do not completely block) light waves that enter the lens both horizontally and vertically. Polarized lenses contain molecules that absorb the horizontal light but allow vertical rays to pass through. In this method light enters your eyes from only one direction, effectively eliminating glare.

Shop Polarized Sunglasses for Deep Sea Fishing

The effect of polarization is view of the water surface that is remarkably clear. Since you’re not experiencing reflected light you can actually see through the surface to a certain depth. This ability, coupled with blockage of the overhead sun rays and the screening out of harmful ultraviolet rays, makes polarized lenses the “clear” choice for water sports like deep sea fishing. Get a pair before your next fishing trip, and enjoy your day reeling them in.

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