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New Oakley Eyeglass Style Releases: Sunglasses That Define Cool

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High tech, high performance, high standards and high quality – these are all descriptives of Oakley eyewear. Designed to meet or exceed the needs of high performance athletes, Oakley’s High Definition Optics (HDO) lenses give top athletes the sharpest clarity, most visual accuracy, and optimum safety.

Sun glare can be a dangerous thing for any high-speed road or off-road enthusiasts like cyclists or motorcycle enthusiasts. Glare can blind you to a pothole, rock, or other perilous impediment, whether large or small. Golfers can tell you endless stories of missing that perfect putt because of glare off water hazards and sand traps, and even fishing expeditions can be impaired by sun glare off the water. So why take chances with ordinary sunglasses when Oakley’s HD polarized lenses can take the risk out of your ride and put the fun and accuracy back in your game? And their new eyeglass style releases are the hottest fashions, not just for athletes and weekend warriors, but for everyone.


With a look that’s totally surf and skate inspired, Oakley’s Twoface sunglasses provide all the same advantages these extreme athletes need with the style and comfort you want. Their unique look and clean lines make you a trendsetter while High Definition Optics and lightweight, stress-resistant frames give you the top UV protection and all-day wear you need. Choose from a variety of lens tints, from jade, violet or black iridium to dark bronze or dark gray, matched with matte black, steel, or polished black frames.

Straight Jacket

Sleek and chic with a new take on one of Oakley’s original designs, Straight Jacket blends aggressive style with top technologies and precision optics. The polished black frame is stress-resistant, lightweight, and carries the unmistakable Oakley metal icon accents.

Break Point

Performance meets style in Break Point for women, the perfect combination of eye protection, comfort and trendy design for your active, nonstop lifestyle. Oakley’s renowned technology – 100 percent UV protection, optical precision, and impact- and stress-resistance – gives you everything you need in your on-the-go world. And you’ll look great too!

Kick Back Gemstone Collection for Women

Described by Oakley as a “slightly edgier take on the classic pilot style,” this new release has a “retro-cool” look with fuller eye protection. You have your choice of versions: brown gradient lenses with HDO; or two polarized lenses, gray gradient with a steel-toned frame or tungsten iridium lenses with a topaz frame.

Frogskins High Grade Collection for Men

This classic one-of-a-kind ’80s style has been updated and is hotter than ever. The new look and feel of the frame finish on these dual-lens sunglasses is that of soft-to-the-touch leather. Besides having a modern and classically Oakley spin on those sexy Terminator-style sunglasses, Frogskins offer top UV protection, stress-resistant lightweight frames, and High Definition Optics.

PRIZM Technology

Men, no matter what sport you’re into, there’s a PRIZM lens for you. This revolutionary lens technology “fine tunes vision for specific sports and environments” by enhancing visibility, maximizing contrast and finely tuning colors, all a result of decades of color science research. So whether your love is baseball, golf, cycling, shooting, deep or shallow water sports – or you just want these high-tech lenses in an everyday favorite like Triggerman, Flak, Turbine, Badman, Sliver or any other available style – you’ll be looking great and getting optimal glare and UV resistance, comfortable wear, HDO, and stress-resistance.

Oakley also offers customizable sunglasses: choose the frame color and finish; coordinate it with your favorite lens shape, color and finish; select an ear sock color you want to match or contrast with the frame; and finish it off with the Oakley icon in the color and finish you prefer.

When you want the best in performance, protection and style, contact us for the perfect Oakley sunglasses choice for you.

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