AUG 19

Love It or Leave It? Glasses Nail Art

By cosmick

Now I know we really love glasses around here, but are you ready for glasses to invade every part of your day? Well, strap in, because they basically already have.

Glasses Nail Art: a New Trend

Glasses Nail ArtThanks to the ‘being a nerd is trendy’ phase that fashion is going through, you can find glasses slapped on everything from t-shirts to socks to..fingernails? Yes, glasses nail art is a thing, and no, I’m not sure how I feel about it.

Nail art has evolved the last few years from something fairly tacky to a fad that can create some pretty interesting stuff, if well done. When it’s not, well, we’ve all seen this meme right? So lets break down some pros and cons to dressing your nails up with tiny painted glasses.

Pro: If you get it done professionally it can look great.

It’s a no brainer that if you get your nails done by a professional, they will end up look amazing. Those tiny spectacles you’ll be sporting on your fingertips will be the envy of all who seem them! But this leads me to my first con…

Glasses nail art

Con: Maintenance cost.
…it’s probably going to get pretty expensive to keep your nails in top shape. We don’t want to have to get a third job just to keep up with our manicures. But then again you could always…

Con: Do it yourself.

I’m putting this one in con because even though we may have the best intentions, a lot of the time our DIY projects just don’t look as good as they do on the interwebs. And there is good reason for that, most of the pics you see are done by professionals. Professional DIYers is one of those jobs only the internet could create (…like blogging) and those pictures you see on pinterest aren’t done by your average Jane at home. Lets be honest, how many of you can even paint your right hand nails with you left?

So how dedicated to your glasses are you? Ready to wear 10 tiny pairs on your nails? While I’m making up my mind, comment below with your own pros and cons.

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