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It’s Never too Early: Planning for the 2024 Solar Eclipse in America With the Right Glasses

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America just witnessed its first solar eclipse in years, and it became a nationwide phenomenon. On August 21 this year, the sun hid behind the moon for the country’s first coast-to-coast solar eclipse in almost a century. The images and videos taken during the event were nothing short of astounding.

Of course, only a few million people actually saw the eclipse live. Aside from a few brave travelers, living in the exact right area was crucial for the perfect experience. Anyone else had to feel consoled by the fact that we already have the next event coming in 2024. And when it comes around, it makes sense to be prepared.

What We Know About The 2024 Solar Eclipse in America So Far

The next total eclipse will occur on April 8, 2024. It’s path leads it from the southwest of the Continental United States to the northeast, crossing through major cities including Dallas, Austin, Detroit, Cleveland, and Buffalo. Canada and Mexico will also see its full effects in some regions.

Depending on the exact location, the duration of totality can vary significantly. In 2024, the longest visible eclipse will occur in Mexico at over four minutes. For comparison, that number was just above 210 seconds for the 2017 iteration.

Weather, of course, also matters. While theoretically every area within its path of totality should be able to take full advantage of the view, clouds can hide the full effects. The more you know about weather patterns in the areas through which you’re planning to see the eclipse, the better.

And of course, it makes as much sense to plan beyond the path of totality in 2024 as it did

this year. While only a narrow strip of the mainland will be able to enjoy the event at its fullest, other areas will still get to see partial effects. The skies may not completely darken, but the light will be dimmed and the spectacle will still exist.

The Importance of Safety During Solar Eclipses

It might be counter intuitive, but protecting your eyes during a solar eclipse is absolutely essential. You might think that as the sun darkens, you will be more easily to look directly into the light. But in reality, the same harmful rays still exist, and could damage your eye sight significantly. In fact, as CNN outlines,

The retina may translatelight into an electrical impulse that the brain understands, but one thing it can’t translate to your brain is pain. So even if you’re excited about the eclipse and think one brief glimpse at the sun before it completely hides behind the moon is worth it — it’s not. There’s no internal trigger that is going to let you know that you’ve looked at the sun for too long. Any amount of looking at it is too long.

Ignore the warning, and you risk ending up with serious and lasting damage to your retina. You may experience temporarily blurry vision and blindness, but that same effect could also become permanent. The problem is that you have no idea when one turns into the other, so why risk it?

The one exception to this rule is totality. As NASA explains on its website,

During the short time when the moon completely obscures the sun – known as the period of totality – it is safe to look directly at the star, but it’s crucial that you know when to take off and put back on your glasses.  

Since that time can only last a minute, you have to know not just whether the eclipse you’re watching is complete, but also estimate when it becomes dangerous to look at the re-emerging sun once again.

Finding the Right Solar Eclipse Glasses For Your Needs

All of the above lead to one simple conclusion: to enjoy the 2024 solar eclipse, you need effective safety glasses. Those of us who have just gone through the 2017 even or even found some of the pictures on social media know that too often, that means plastic and cardboard glasses that do little in terms of style and are all about the function.

But here’s the good news: you don’t have to go that route. In fact, you can find safety glasses that protect your eyes sufficiently even during the most harmful and dangerous times of the eclipse, allowing you to enjoy its full effects without compromising your eye sight.

Consider for instance our Solar Eclipse Glasses Shade 14 Welding Glass Lenses. As their name suggests, the sun glass lenses in these frames is designed to make sure your eyes stay safe, both during potentially harmful activities like welding and during natural events like a solar eclipse. They accomplish that feat through exceptionally dark lenses that are not actually designed for every day use.

As a result, these glasses block more than 99 percent of UV light and 97 percent of IR radiation. With a safety rating of ISO 12312-2:2015, they are considered completely safe for direct solar observation, and follow all of NASA’s recommendations for safe eclipse viewing.

Best of all, they’re only $29 on our website. As we move closer to 2024, prices will rise for glasses like this. Moving early can help you ensure that you have not just the right frame, but get it at an affordable rate as well.

So what are you waiting for? Contact us today to learn more about this and other glasses, find the perfect frame for your needs, and begin your preparations for the Next Great Solar Eclipse in America.

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