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How to pick out glasses to fit your face

By rxsafety

Picking out the correct style of glasses to fit your face can be simple.

Picking the Best Glasses to Fit Your Face

How to pick out glasses to fit your faceLook in the mirror to determine the shape of the face you have.  Then, determine the style that best suits your personality and how functional it is for you.  You have many options like rimless, semi rimless, metal, plastic, and different shapes frames. Be sure to also consider the different lens options such as sunglasses if you spend time outdoors or if you are on the computer a lot.

Wider cheekbones and a gentle narrowing at the forehead and jawline
Look for:Larger style frameOblong
Facial features that are long and narrow with few angles
Look for:
A frame that is wider and has less of a rounded look and more of a square shape to it

Fuller cheeks and a rounder chin structure
Look for:
A rectangular frame

Wider forehead, cheek and chin area with a slightly angular jawline
Look for:
A frame that has softer angles and is rounder in shape

Broad forehead and wide cheeks which narrow down towards the chin area
Look for:
A cateye style frame

Small forehead, high cheekbones, narrow eyes and jaw line and small chin
Look for:
A rounded frame that will soften the cheek bone

Shop Glasses To Fit Your Face

Whatever style frame you pick be sure it is one that works for you because you are the one wearing it!

Stay fabulous!

Jessica xo

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