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How to Choose the Right Glasses for Your Face

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For those of us who don’t have perfect vision, eyeglasses are a large part of our everyday life. You need them to drive, read, or even just to see at all. Even most people who wear contacts still have glasses in case one falls out or just to wear at night. Since its such a big part of your life, its important to find a pair that work for you. Glasses don’t look the same on everyone, and your face shape has a big impact on what frames look the best on you. See what your face shape says about the glasses you should be wearing:


Oval faces are the most versatile – many glasses styles will look good on you. Because you have very balanced features, you can go for either square or round frames, just avoid anything that looks too big for your face. Oval shapes can pull off thicker frames, like the Geek Butterfly.


If you have a wide forehead and rounded chin, you probably have a round face shape. Your glasses should contrast this roundness, so go for a square or angular frame shape. Avoid anything too round or small, which will make your face look even rounder. Thicker, wide frames like the Spy Weston Eyeglasses work well for this face shape.



If you have a square face, you tend to have more angular features. Choose a round frame to add some contrast, and keep them thin. Avoid square frames, which might look too harsh on you. Check out the Eight to Eighty Downtown Eyeglasses for a pair that would look great on this shape.


Affordable Designs Agnes Eyeglasses


Heart face shapes have a wider forehead and smaller chin. To balance out your face, choose a frame that’s wider than your forehead and avoid any details on the upper half of the frames. Thinner, light-colored frames are perfect and don’t draw too much attention to the upper part of your face. The Affordable Designs Agnes would be great for this face shape.



If your forehead and chin are both narrow, but you have wide cheekbones, your face is diamond-shaped. With this face shape, you can look for glasses with detail on the upper frame, which will balance out your facial features. Avoid narrow frames, or frames that are too thin. Women with this face shape should go for cat eye glasses with fun details like the Geek Fancy Cat. Men can try a more oval shape like the TSmith Optics Revelry.

For most face shapes, the goal is to contrast your facial structure with your glasses. Also keep in mind that your glasses should be in scale with the size of your face. Don’t choose anything too big or small. These are general guidelines, and not the only thing you should look for. Make sure to pick out a pair that compliment you, and that you will feel confident wearing on a daily basis.

Face shape is just one factor in finding the perfect pair of glasses. Determine what colors look best on you so you can decide what color frames you want. Generally lighter, cooler skin tones look good in blues and blacks, while those with darker and warmer tones look great in brown or tan shades. Also consider how your lifestyle affects your glasses choice. Do you spend most of your days at the office or are you more of an outdoorsy type? There are glasses out there for whatever your style.

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