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How to Install and Remove Stick On Bifocals

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Stick on bifocals are really an awesome invention. They allow you to take a normal pair of glasses, safety glasses, or even sunglasses and turn them into what you need – reading glasses. Even small print is easier to read and it will allow you to focus up close on objects.

The great thing about stick on bifocals is that they are easy to use and easy to remove so let’s take a look at how to do both.

How to Install Stick On Bifocals

What is super convenient about stick on bifocals is that there is no need for glue or adhesives. It actually sticks by molecular attraction – kind of like magic. These particular lenses are constructed in a half-moon shape that is pliable and soft. The design is super thin enough to stick to your glasses by pressing them on and using water.

Here is the correct way to ensure that your stick on bifocals stay on properly. Often, people think that they simply do not work when in fact, they were not put on the correct way.

Once you determine the prescription of magnification you need, which can be done with a diopter test, you’ll know the type of reading glasses which will work best.

Clean both sides of your bifocal lenses with clean, water and no soap; just the water is sufficient.

Pool some water in both lenses and place your glasses lens down.

Each should be about 2.5 inches apart so get a ruler or measuring tape and figure out the correct positioning for each lens.

When you’re ready, hold one stick on bifocal in one hand and make sure the curved part is facing down. Now place the bifocal stick on onto your glasses with the curved part at the bottom of the frames.Hydrotac Stick-On Bifocal Lenses

Now do the same exact thing with the other side and don’t forget the 2.5 inch apart rule.

Once you’re done, use a lint-free towel to make sure to dab away the excess water that has accumulated on the lenses.

Now simply set the lenses aside for approximately half a day or 12 hours total so that they can dry totally and be ready for use.

Now you’re ready to wear your stick on bifocals.

How to Remove Stick on Bifocals

Like we mentioned earlier, some people believe that stick on bifocals are hard to remove but it is pretty magical at how well these come off. To remove them simply run them under hot water. No really, that’s it!

What makes these so versatile is that you can reuse them for whatever type of glasses you need. For instance, you can put them on diving masks as easy as sunglasses or work glasses. As long as you wait the 12 hours after you install them onto your glasses, you are ready to use them and when done, simply run that hot water over them and remove them to be used for the next time.

In fact, these stick on bifocals are pretty affordable enough to have more than one pair, especially if there are two specific pairs that you use them for. For instance, sunglasses and eyeglasses or your eyeglasses and your work glasses. However, even if you simply have one pair that you use, they are easily placed on and off and the only tools you need are lint free cloths, a little bit of your time, and water.

So the next time you hear that these are hard to use, you will know that it’s not true at all – you simply have to know what you are doing and it’s easy enough for anyone to do.

If you want to learn more about stick on bifocals or any other products we carry, simply contact us so we can help.

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