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How Do I Know if my Glasses Prescription is Wrong?

By cosmick

Okay, so you have that nagging feeling that something isn’t quite right with your new glasses. Your vision isn’t as clear as it should be, or things are appearing fuzzy and indistinct. You may be experiencing a sense of tunnel vision. Perhaps your depth perception is just a little bit off.

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You know from experience or you’ve been told by your optometrist that some prescriptions, especially bifocals or trifocals, require an adjustment period during which you need to get used to the changes of a new prescription. This transition period can last (depending on the prescription and the individual) for days, weeks, even upwards of a month. So how can you tell if your vision inconstancies are related to this adjustment period or are instead a result of an incorrect prescription?

The answer typically lies in the symptoms you experience and their severity.

Errors made during an eye exam are not unusual. They can result from a typo on a computerized report or, more commonly, a misreading of a handwritten prescription. The misinterpretation of a single digit – or the omission of one – can wildly alter a prescription. Sometimes incorrect measurement readings are to blame and these are not always the fault of the optometrist. Perhaps, without realizing it, you’d scheduled your exam late in the day, maybe after work, and your eyes were tired and weak, skewing your results.

If your symptoms include the following, you may want to return to the optometrist for advice or at least a confirmation that no clerical error in your prescription was made:

  • Extreme blurriness or lack of focus.
  • Poor vision in only one eye when the other is closed.
  • Headaches or dizziness caused by excessive eye strain.
  • Extreme vertigo or nausea not related to any underlying medical condition.
  • Problems persist despite the fact that the lenses are properly centered in front of your eyes.
  • Problems persist despite waiting out the recommended adjustment period.

It’s true, however, that if your prescription has changed or you’ve switched to bifocal, trifocal, or progressive lenses, your eyes do need to adjust – particularly if the prescription strength in only one eye has changed. If your symptoms most closely follow the ones below, your problem may simply be caused by the change in prescription:

  • The blurriness or fuzziness you experience improves with time.
  • You haven’t been using your new glasses on a regular basis.
  • Headaches, dizziness, nausea, or vertigo lessen the longer you wear your glasses, or subside greatly after the first few days.
  • Vision is clear when each eye is isolated.
  • You haven’t yet completed the transition period suggested by your optometrist.

Realize that you know yourself better than anyone else. You know how your eyes react to typical daily eye strain and what they feel like when you’re tired. If you can rule out these conditions, and you’ve been patient with any change in corrective lenses and given your symptoms the prerequisite amount of time to clear up, the fault may lie in your glasses and not in yourself. If you have any cause to suspect this is the case, a follow-up visit to your optometrist is certainly warranted and definitely recommended.

  1. Emir says:

    Hi, I’ve I’ve been wearing glasses for a good bit over a year now due to an astigmatism and generally bad eyesight, and I’ve begun to notice that my depth-perception isn’t quite where it seems it needs to be. After taking off my glasses and attempting to get used to my old vision I feel like I’m a lot better at reflex based tasks and such. Could be that my vision is getting worse and my current prescription is negatively affecting my depth-perception?

    Thank you.

    • rxsafety says:

      Hi Emir,

      It is possible that your prescription has changed. It is recommended that you get your eyes checked every 1-2 years. I would contact your eye doctor and schedule an appointment for a new exam and express your concerns with them at that time. They will be able to make any necessary corrections to get you back to where you were before.

  2. harry says:

    so I got my glasses two days ago and my left lens is comfortable where as to my right is uncomfortable and a bit blurry so what should I do ?

  3. Cara says:

    I have been wearing hi-index progressive lenses for a few years now and I just got a new Rx. I can see fine at close and mid vision but when I try to see far it is seems clear, but necessarily crisp. Letters on road signs are just slightly off, the outer edges are not clear until I get closer. Is this an adjust period issue? I don’t have any other problems like headaches or dizziness.

  4. Musa Siddique says:

    My new glasses have the same prescription as my old ones ,but i cant see sharp with my new glasses as sharp i can see with my old ones ,and it’s been 2-3 weeks and i am having blurry vision.Please help me regarding this

  5. Heather says:

    My previous pair of glasses had PD 60 and worked fine for many years. I just had PD measured with a machine for my new glasses and it was 56. I have a high prescription (-8 both eyes) so it matters. Which PD should I go with?


  6. Whitney says:

    I recently had 2 eye exams done to verify prescription as I had a problem with new eyeglasses I’d purchased. My axis is different on both. About 166/168 on one and 5 on the other. My script from 2014 is about 170. The eye doc said the 5 is fine, but I’m concerned that my glasses are going to be incorrect. What do you think? I didn’t think my old pair with the 170 was very good but that could be the lense material which I’ve now opted for 1.6 out of recommendation. Thanks. Oh and yes the rest is the same across the board, same as my contacts even. -2.00 and -.50 in both eyes.

  7. Ana says:

    Hi! I have a prescription for glasses
    OD -5.25, -0.50 0 axis
    Os -5.25, -0.50 175 axis. Problem is that the optical that made my glasses gave me in both eyes -5.75, +0.50 70 axis and said that this is normal because they made some optometry calculation. I’m not an optometrist but this does not feel right. What is your opinion. Thank you!

  8. Liz says:

    I’ve had my glasses for two days to help with dizziness (they do – binocular dysfunction correction). But things are blurry (one eye in distance, one eye in close up). I have cheek & pain and one of my eyes is bloodshot. I called my eye dr twice to come in to look at the prescription for the pain; maybe do a single vision with reading glasses. But she wants me to try to get used to them for a week and a half. The face pain is giving me migraines in the evening. I feel hurt and that I am not being listened to. I get adjusting to the progressives but it is not just the blurriness, it is the pain. If I take them off, I get dizzy. If I wear them, I have pain. And my doctor won’t let me come in to verify prescription or make things more comfortable.

  9. Shelly says:


    I recently got my eyes tested and purchased glasses. My prescription has not changed from my last exam from 4 years ago with a different optometrist. I’m unable to see words on the tv crystal clear although I can still see them. I was always able to see every detail my whole life with new glasses. I went back to the optometrist and he told me that it’s normal for them to give me a weaker prescription rather than a stronger one. He said if you are over 25 they typically prescribe the prescription less than your vision as long as you are able to see. I just want to confirm if this is true.

  10. Heather Jones says:

    I always have trouble with glasses prescriptions.. usually they have to remake the lenses once or twice.
    My biggest problem is that I can find the clear sweet spot with my left eye but my right eye is blurry. If I keep my head still and cover my left eye, the right eye is blurry and I have to turn my head to my right and tip my chin down slightly in order to see more clearly with my right eye… I tell the optician that I think that the prescription is in the wrong spot on my right lens. He tells me that they are in the correct spot.

  11. valab says:

    i just got a new pair of glasses with bifocal, which is a first for me. The problem I have is that I cant see anything close up with the top part/or non bifocal part of my glasses. getting used to the bifocal is one thing, but why cant i see at all thru the top part of my glasses close up??? if i get another pair made without the bifocal will i not be able to see at all up close?
    this is not what i wanted or expected and i really cant afford to go back for another prescription and my insurance wont pay again for a year. what is going on with me not being able to see up close unless its thru the bifocal???

  12. Jessica Roque says:

    Hi! I just got my glasses(-1.75). I’ve never worn one before. When I got it I tried to read some small letters from a distance, and made my sister, with a normal vision, read it at the same ditance. Seems that I can’t particularly read/recognize letters like my younger sister does. Is it a sign of wrong prescription. Is my glasses suppose to make things appear larger and nearer or will it only correct/straighten it? Because mine’s only seems to make my vision vivid and correct/straightened…

  13. Isaac Quezzi says:

    I received my new (usual) single vision glasses a few weeks ago. It’s been 2 years since my last lense update so I expected a small change. The right eye is clear
    , but the left eye is super blurry, Its causing double vision. Its difficult for me to have an adjustment time when I can’t read or see clearly. I keep using my old glasses prolonging it…Should I visit my eye doc Or am I being impatient ?
    OD +2 .75 -1.00. 17.1 +1.00
    OS -3.25 -1.25. 17.1. +1.00

  14. Barb says:

    I found out my son got wrong PD at optometrist. (Was given 50, should be 55). My son has some strabismus still after two eye surgeries. My son is 27 and has special needs so hard to determine if seeing okay. When I asked Dr about it, if should remake glasses, he said his PD didn’t matter since his eyes work independently of each other. Is this true? I am a bit worried that they did not want to spend the money remaking the lenses so just told me this.

    • Whitney says:

      My eye doctors office said there is only a 2mm give. I measured 66 and 67 at different offices so I brought that up and was told that’s fine. But 5mm off seems a bit of a problem. I have a low script too and it’s more important for stronger scripts.

    • jsiddiqui says:

      We cannot be sure about that without looking at your son. I would recommend, however, to get a second opinion from another eye doctor.

  15. Kimi says:

    I am having a hard time getting my rgp contacts to fit correctly so my dr. has suggested I wear glasses for 2 weeks to get a correct script. He gave me a script for glasses in Jan that I didn’t get made and then gave me a new one in March that I did get made. I picked them up today and cannot see out of the left lens. It is blurry. The 2 scripts are not the same and I am wondering if it was a typo. I am getting frustrated as this has been ongoing for several months now.
    Jan script-
    OD +3.50 -4.75 028 +1.75
    OS +3.75 -4.75 152 +1.75
    March script-
    OD+3.50 -4.75 028 +1.75
    OS +3.50 -5.25 052 +1.75

    • jsiddiqui says:

      Hi there,

      It’s possible the doctor messed up numbers on the one in March, but it’s also possible your prescription changed since that time. You should take the glasses back to the doctor to be rechecked and also have your eyes rechecked to make sure it wasn’t an error on the doctor’s part.

  16. Ryan says:

    I have been wearing glasses for my whole life. I got new ones because my old glasses were starting to fall apart. I went to the eye doctor who said my prescription didn’t change. Ordered new glasses but my left eye lens is different than on my old glasses. It’s like a different focus on it. Does this happen or should I go back and have my glasses compared?

  17. Ryan says:

    I just got a new pair of glasses it’s been 11yrs since my last prescription which I rarely wore. Now this new par I have warn for 3 days and it’s blurry for things far away. I can’t see things to well far away and the glasses don’t seem to be helping. I understand my eyes need adjusting but how long does that take. They where supposed to help me for distance and not so far. Is it normal for it to be blurry when you put them on? Plus I think I can see a tad bit better whith out them. The place where I got my glasses at someon who goes there as well has the same first and last name as me could they got our prescriptions mixed up and how do you know if your prescription is right?

  18. scott says:

    I received my new eyeglasses yesterday and noticed that they are a lower power prescription than before my eyes seem to be straining to wear the new glasses went back to the store and they said it wasn’t that much of a difference and to give it a week.. can my eyes go back to a lesser power

  19. Goodie says:

    I have got new glasses. We i wear them i feel my pupils seems to fluctuate and when i take my glasses little away from my eyes then my vision becomes stable/ clear. Why is it happening ?

  20. Janjan says:

    i was checked by my doctor 2 weeks ago when he checked my eyes he said that my 2 eyes got a bit worse so thats why he prescribed me with a new one and I just recently got it but if i compare it to my old one the old one is a bit better than the new the new seems a bit blurry i cant focus my sight and i get slight nausea but i only got it recently to be honest i just go it now do i need to go back to my doctor?

    • jsiddiqui says:

      Hi there,

      It takes about a week to get adjusted to new prescription eyeglasses. If you are still facing those symptoms after a week, I would suggest you go to your eye doctor and get your eyes checked again an your prescription reevaluated.

    • Janjan says:

      Please reply to me ASAP thank you bcoz its quite a hindrance to my study thank you again

  21. Semone says:

    Three weeks ago I’ve gone a got a second opinion and had my new polarized glasses changed. After 3 weeks I still can not see properly especially by the afternoon (everything seems to “jump around” and be out of focus while white things are still too bright). My left eye did not become better with the new script (which has the same measurements as my 6yr old ones) but my right eye does appreciate the new measurement for stigma thing. Both eyes seem to have trouble with the cellophane effect that polarized objects have. I’ve had a small talk to the clerk who in turn told me these symptoms are impossible can could not understand why there is such major difference when comparing No 3 tint (bright things are dulled/blocked) and polarization (glare is cut out). Why can’t tinting be combined with a layer of polarization?

  22. Katie says:

    I am a student and therefore to study I need clear vision. My new glasses seem to be more of a hindrance than a helping hand. I have gone from a narrow frame to a large “in trend” frame which means I feel like I am looking through two large windows which is brilliant. However, I am seeing black spots across my vision and I feel like everything is grainy? this could be out-of-focus or blurriness but I’m not sure? Has anyone else had this? It is very bizarre and makes me feel like I am in a dream or like I have not woken up yet? If anyone has experienced anything similar please let me know because it is started to drive me slightly crazy.

    Thank you (:

    • jsiddiqui says:

      Hi Katie,

      You should go back to your eye doctor and have your eyes checked again and your prescription reevaluated.

  23. Imran says:

    I recently made new frame with same number as i used to wear.

    Spherical : (No Cylinder)
    Right : -3.00
    Left : -2.75

    My lenses are anti-blu aspheric lense. Since the time i am using it , i feel problem in looking off-center . If i see things at center, all is fine but off-center, things are like frosted/blurry. In all my previous glasses with same prescription, things around the center were little bulged but not like this. Please suggest what could be reason for this issue ?

    • jsiddiqui says:

      Hi Imran,

      I suggest you go back to your eye doctor and have your eyes checked again and your prescription reevaluated.

  24. Kya says:

    Hi, I just picked up a new prescription yesterday, and have been wearing them often. But today I noticed I had what started as a head ache and turned into a horrible migraine the longer the day progressed. Then I started to feel very nauseated. Once I got home and removed my glasses I felt really dizzy. I took my eyes a moment to adjust. Should I wear them more and fight through it to see if they adjust? Is this normal? Or should I save myself the pain and take the back?

    • jsiddiqui says:

      Hi there,
      Your eyes can take upto a week to get adjusted to new prescription glasses. Give it 4-5 more days, if the headache still persists, take them back and have your prescription reevaluated.

  25. St8kout says:

    I had Lasik some 20 years ago but I recently barely passed the DMV vision test, so I figured it’s time to go back to glasses. I got the eye exam and ordered expensive ultra-progressive, ultra clarity, high index, photo grey glasses.

    I was expecting a Donald Sutherland “Holy Cow!” moment like when he got his new glasses in “Space Cowboys.” Didn’t happen. The floor was blurry and I couldn’t read anything on their eye-test card. The glasses were actually causing a ghost image in my left eye unless I looked through the very bottom 1/8th inch of the lens. They claimed being at fault and are ordering new lenses to extend the reading area up higher, but they still want me to wear them for a week to adjust. I’m starting to remember just how much I hate wearing glasses.

    • jsiddiqui says:

      Hi there,

      That was definitely not the right prescription for you, if you had so much trouble. It does usually take a couple of days to adjust to new glasses, but they shouldn’t be so off.

  26. I like that you talked about how you must consider going back to your optometrist if you experience headaches or dizziness while wearing your eyeglasses because this can indicate an error with your prescription glasses. My daughter bought a reading glass on the market. She mentioned that she’s experiencing frequent dizziness when she’s wearing it. With that being said, it will make sense for my daughter to consult an optometrist and see if there’s a need for her to switch to prescription glasses. I will make sure to share your blog with her.

  27. Benedict says:


    I bought new prescription glasses and when I close one eye and see with the other, it’s blurrier than the old pair. All the other pairs of glasses even with new prescriptions I seem to see clearer from one eye opened.

    • jsiddiqui says:

      Hi Benedict, it seems that your prescription in one eye may be off. Please consult another optometrist for a second opinion.

  28. Kate says:

    Hi, I got new glasses recently. From the start something didn’t feel right so I went to check and it turns out that the center of my lenses is 5mm below my eye level. The manager of the place where I got the glasses from tried to tell me that that is normal but “if I really want to or if I am a person who likes to look through the top of my glasses (?), they’ll fix it for me”. I don’t know how much of it is just lame excuse and I just wanted to consult and make sure that what I had always known is correct. Is it true that looking through lenses that are not aligned with my eyes properly can be bad for my eye sight?

    • jsiddiqui says:

      Hi Kate,
      The center of the eyeglasses should be aligned with your eyes. I would recommend that you get a second opinion and get your glasses fixed.

  29. Louit says:

    Hello. I got my new two new prescription glasses. When I wear them, everything is clear and good except that everything is closer which made me trip twice the other day when I was crossing the street. 🙁 I visited them twice already and they said its just normal and takes time in getting used to. They didn’t want to change my prescription as it is the correct one they said. My prescription is as follows:

    OD: S+0.50 C-1.00 Ax167
    OS S+0.25 C-1.00 C180

    Does the prescription made sense? Thanks a lot for your help.

    • jsiddiqui says:

      Hi there
      We are only an optical lab and cannot say whether the script is right or wrong. That is for a professional to examine. Glasses can take up to 2 weeks to get used to a new prescription. If you feel the doctor gave the wrong information, then I would suggest going for a second opinion elsewhere.

  30. Melanie Hernandez says:

    Hello, I recently had my eyes checked at my logical eye center. I can’t see far away with my new glasses. Also I been getting really nasty headaches. Should I visit my eye doctor again?

  31. Buchito says:

    I just got my eye glasses today. My prescription is as follows:
    OD +1.75, -1.00, 180
    When put the glasses on, when I look down or up objects are in angle. When look down, the left side of the object is higher and the right side is the same. When I look up, the left side is lower and the right side is the same. When I look on a rectangular object, the left side is less wide and the right side is normal. Same happens when read any texts.

  32. Polly says:

    Howdy, I have new progressive lenses that were remade twice because they said the PD distance on the right lens was off. This manifested in me having to turn my head to the left whenever reading something. Now with the third pair I still have to turn my head to the left but only when the text is on the right, I don’t have to turn my head when the text is on the right. So any advice or reason for the need to move my head in one direction? A really bad lens lab, maybe?

    • jsiddiqui says:

      Depending on the frame you picked and your PD, the pupil distance could be too small for the frame. So the lab that made them is moving the PD out to make it work with the progressive. I would recommend that you go back to where you got them and have that looked into.

    • Polly says:

      Sorry, I meant that now with the third pair I have to turn my head to the left when the text is on the Left. But I don’t have to turn my head when the text is on the right.

  33. emir magana says:

    Close infront of me I see clear but when i try to read something far away it looks blurry w the glasses but when I take them off it looks much clearer

    • jsiddiqui says:

      If your glasses are new, I suggest you give them a couple of weeks adjustment period. If not, I would suggest you get your eyes checked and prescription reevaluated.

  34. emir magana says:

    Hello, I just got some new eyeglasses, but I have a problem , I don’t know if it’s just my eyes or etong prescription. When I look straight infront of me at like a sign I see the writings a little blurry, but when I look at it from the corner of the glasses I see clearer and when I take them off I see much clearer infront of me, what should I do? Should I recheck or what should I do?

    • jsiddiqui says:

      All new glasses take some getting used to, I would give it a couple of weeks. If you do not see any changes after the adjustment period, I recommend you go back to have your eyes rechecked and get the prescription reevaluated to make sure it matches.

  35. wendy says:

    Got a simple question for you: I had two pairs of glasses made, one for dressier occasions and one for work. They were progressives. I destroyed the pair I had for work and went to have a replacement pair made and was told the prescription was out of date and it was time for a checkup anyway so I went in. Doc told me my script had changed ever so slightly so I picked out frames as close to what I had previously had and had them put in the updated script. When I went in to pick them up I was surprised at the blurriness. They are only slightly stronger than my old glasses but the difference is noticeable. I assumed, maybe incorrectly, that things would be immediately sharper. I only have about two weeks left on my 30 day guarantee but I’m already thinking of taking them back and seeing what is what. Any advice?

    • jsiddiqui says:

      Hi Wendy,

      It is normal to have an adjustment period for a new pair of glasses, but they should not be blurry.I advise you to take your glasses back and have them rechecked and your prescription reevaluated.

    • wendy says:

      Thank you for the response! I did indeed go back yesterday and ask for help and they are going to recheck the latest script. I figured yes, since there was a slight difference in the lens size, then there would likely be a difference in where the different fields were as in “where to point your nose” when you were looking at objects at differing distances. However it still didn’t matter, nothing was as clear as it appeared in my old glasses.
      Appreciate the input!

  36. Evy says:

    I just got new glasses 3 days ago, my old rx was 1.00 ( I can’t see far) my new ex is 2.00 & 2.25
    The issue is I can’t see that well close up with my new glasses it takes a minute to actually focus and everything looks closer then what it actually is.. Far everything looks clear ( especially when I’m outside and everything is far away) but I still can’t see very clear a sign with letters that’s far away.
    I dont know if something’s up with my new glasses or I need some adjustment period. Please advise. Thank you!!!

    • jsiddiqui says:

      Hi there, I would suggest you give it more time. They say it can take a week or 2 to adapt to your new prescription, especially if it’s a big change like yours. If the problem persists after a couple of weeks you should go back to your eye doctor and have your prescription reevaluated.

  37. Semone says:

    Hello, I’ve been to an optometrist in Mount Barker south of Adelaide (in my early 30’s) and was given R -0.75 and L -0.50 for the first set of focus (unsure the technical names) and was told not to get a reading pair because he wanted my eyes to keep on using the muscles (possibly same with the second set of focusing). I also chose wrap around sunglasses with No1 tint for inside and No3 tint for outside (which somehow was accidentally made brown). Now in my late 30’s come 40’s I found the optometrist in midland Western Australia has given me R -0.25 for the first focus and -0.50 for the second focus while L is 0.00 for the first focus and -0.25 for the second focus. Again I chose wrap around sunglasses with Grey Grade1 tint for inside and polarized Grey Grade2 for outside. I found that my left eye is way out of focus along with a very noticeable “double” when using one eye while my right is almost the same as my old prescription. polarize seems to cut the glare yet shimmers like rainbow cellophane when looking at various objects (even ones without any glare/reflection). without glasses My right eye sees a noticeable “double” of any object. With the old prescription it is less but a little more with the new prescription. Both of my eyes still have a distaste towards brightness and a little more since getting polarized grade2 grey (apparently the tint law has change within the past 7 years). I am currently trying the two week adjustment faze hoping it wont ruin my eyes.

    • jsiddiqui says:

      Hi Semone, I would recommend that you go for a second opinion with another doctor to make sure your prescription is right.

    • Semone says:

      I agree, Not even two weeks and already freaking out, feel like I’m loosing my sight (as I need it to see my artwork, reading etc). The mount barker optometrist maybe right, keep on making my eyes work and not get a prescription that has the stigma thing or even reading kinds. Besides I found nothing wrong with old prescription except that the outdoor tint was fading and frames were loose and beginning to break.

  38. Tim says:


    I would like to learn the differences of these two prescriptions:

    Sphere Add Distance(?) Intermediate(?) and reading (?)
    OD +0.50 +2.50
    OS +0.50 +2.50

    OD +0.75 +2.25
    OS +0.75 +2.25

    What are the power for Distance, Intermediate, and reading (separately)?

    And it’s interesting that mostly the pd measurement results are different at different optometry?
    31.5 / 29, 31.5 / 29.5, 31/29.5, 31/29
    any suggestion?

    I went to local optometry to get eyes example and just got a pair of progressive lenses(later, I have learned that they gave me a 6-7 years type of lenses – Varilux Physio).
    When I got it and then I went back and have it redo, because it was blurry (intermediate), and changed power to Sphere 0 Add +3.00 both sides (previously +2.50). But the 2nd time is still blurry, I still have to move my head up, using reading bottom part to work on computer – SO I have wasted $$ (only 2 chances they offer). With the single vision I used +1.75 is good.

    The frame size is: 51 / 14

    Any suggestion is very appreciated


    • jsiddiqui says:

      Hi Tim, these are incomplete prescriptions, please see the example below

      Sphere Add Distance(?) Intermediate(?) and reading (?)
      OD +0.50 +2.50
      OS +0.50 +2.50

      OD +0.75 +2.25
      OS +0.75 +2.25

      What are the power for Distance, Intermediate, and reading (separately)?


      OD -3.00 -0.25 121 OD -2.00 -0.25 121 OD -1.00 -0.25 121

      OS -2.50 -0.25 067 OS -1.50 -0.25 067 OS -0.50 -0.25 067

      ADD +2.00 SH## PD ## * ADD +1.00 SH## PD## No ADD

      *(Optional if near vision needed)

      And it’s interesting that mostly the pd measurement results are different at different optometry? Those difference are minor and can be attributed to equipment or practitioner variations. Not enough to make a difference
      31.5 / 29, 31.5 / 29.5, 31/29.5, 31/29
      any suggestion?
      Those difference are minor and can be attributed to equipment or practitioner variations. Not enough to make a difference

      I went to local optometry to get eyes example and just got a pair of progressive lenses(later, I have learned that they gave me a 6-7 years type of lenses – Varilux Physio).
      When I got it and then I went back and have it redo, because it was blurry (intermediate), and changed power to Sphere 0 Add +3.00 both sides (previously +2.50). But the 2nd time is still blurry, I still have to move my head up, using reading bottom part to work on computer – SO I have wasted $$ (only 2 chances they offer). With the single vision I used +1.75 is good. The frame size is: 51 / 14

      Bifocals can be problematic. People in the business usually opt for individual single vision glasses set for the distances they want to use.

  39. Alika says:

    Hi I have been advised by my optometrist to update my glasses in Sydney Australia. they have given me anti glare invisible uv dual side-p ( sorry I don’t understand it’s details properly)costed around$600. but when I tried them on I did not feel any difference between them and my old glasses. I mean they give me same vision as my old pair of glasses . I don’t know my prescription is not correct or something else. Could you please advise me what should I do?

    • jsiddiqui says:

      Hi Alika,
      Wr recommend that you get a second opinion from another doctor and also have your glasses checked.

  40. Mbarr says:

    i am not sure if my new prescription is accurate. I am not familiar with reading prescriptions so i could be wrong.I am on day #2 of my new glasses and i have been getting headaches. Listed below are my previous and new prescriptions, is this an increase or decrease?
    Old prescription:(sorry i typed it wrong on the other post, the one below is correct)
    OD -10.25 -2.00 180
    OS -10.25 -1.75 010

    New prescription
    OD -9.25 -1.75 x005
    OS -10.00 -1.75 x10
    PD 58/54

  41. Sum says:

    My husband & I just had our eye exams with a new Dr. I have been wearing glasses for 22 years and the new doctor told me my prescription is a -1.75 and I have been wearing -3.50 in various glasses for the past 12 years. It did seem the -1.75 looked clear when the exam was being done. I have a weird feeling about everything as the Dr visit took 3.5 hours.
    My husband went from a -4.50 to a -8.50 in just 2 years. This seems drastic! He normally only fluctuates by -.25 in 2 years.
    What do you suggest? Should we get a 2nd opinion before filling these new prescriptions or trust this new Dr.?
    Thank you very much

  42. Sam says:

    I just received my new prescription glasses yesterday and I’m slightly concerned it’s not correct. My right eye is slightly blurry when isolated. Should I wait a while and see if my eyes adjust? Or should I get it rechecked?

  43. Julia says:

    I got new glasses made by a optical chain here in Australia about a month ago, my prescription only changed in my left eye from SPH +6.00 to +5.75 and CYL from -3.00 to -3.25 the Axis stayed the same at 41.

    When I tried the new glasses on and looked slightly down and to either side everything was blurry. The glasses were checked, the prescription was correct. I had my eyes rechecked and that was the same as well. The optometrist suggested changing the eye measurements for the glasses. However when he handed me off to retail staff, I was told they were going to remove the vertical measurements.

    I got the glasses remade and tried them and although the blurriness has improved, they feel ‘off’ and I don’t feel comfortable and I noticed that when I close one eye, my vision isn’t sharp in one eye, and vice verse with the other eye. Could there be any possibility that my script is incorrect or could the quality of the lenses they use be the problem? (They are 1.74 index)

    • msatghare says:

      Hi Julia,
      If it’s a progressive bifocal the sides aren’t going to have a prescription in them. If it’s single vision it’s possible they did mess up and I would recommend getting a second opinion.

  44. Shahbaz says:

    My optical shop made 0.25 spherical power error ,my no was 2.5. He made 2.75 should I make it correct or its OK plz reply soon

  45. Bob says:

    I switched to single vision prescription sunglasses recently. Looking forward everything appears fine, however, if I look down when walking the ground appears much closer than it is. I do not have this problem with my regular glasses. My regular glasses have more of a straight lens than my sunglasses, which are somewhat a wrap-around. However, I have an older (and broken) pair of RX sunglasses (progressive lens) with wrap-around lenses that did not have this issue. Could the RX be too strong, hence the ground looking too close when walking, or could it be the curvature of the lenses?
    Thanks for any insight you can provide.

    • msatghare says:

      Did you buy the glasses from us? If so, then I would call our customer service team at 866-653-5227 and they will be able to assist you. If you bought them somewhere else I would take them back and have them check the prescription.That is always a good first step. A wrap around frame can cause the prescription to “curve” and it might become distorted. Your best bet is to take the lenses back to where you got them and have them check the prescription.

  46. Jeff Smith says:

    I just picked up two sets of glasses–prescription clear and sunglasses. They are both progressive lenses. I noticed something different/not right? with the sunglasses with the right eye. The clear seems better. So I looked at the prescription and the order. I noticed that my doctor prescription says pd 63. The order said: R 29.5 and L 29.5 for dist pd. Is that ok or is something amiss? I suppose I need to wear them for a while to see how I adjust.

    • msatghare says:

      Your pupil distance is made larger than what it should be. You can try to wear them and see if you adjust, but you may need to bring them back to where you had them made at and have them corrected.

  47. Vladimir says:

    I have made some new glasses for the first time in a coulle of years. I have – 1.25 on the right eye with astigmatism, but see crystal clear with the left one. My prescription although greatly improves my eyesight, only with my right eye there is still some blurriness and it makes the eye feel like it doesn’t belong there. Should I go to the optometrist again or it is normal for these differences. Note: I have them for about a week.

  48. Chrissy says:

    Hi, I got my new glasses a few days ago. The new glasses seem to have lense power slightly weaker than the previous ones. I do not see smaller letters from afar as sharply as the first. I’m wondering if that’s going to affect my vision somehow. Surprisingly, an optometrist once told me while doing eye examination that I didn’t need to see the last letters clearly. Is that true?

    • msatghare says:

      Hi, You do need to go back and have your prescription rechecked. You should be able to see the smaller letters from afar just as you did earlier.

  49. Lee says:

    I just recently got new glasses after wearing my old ones for about 7 years. I’m having trouble adjusting to the new ones. The frame style did change (from a narrow to the more larger frames they are making now) but my prescription only changes slightly (one eye improved one got slightly worse). Close up is fine but the minute that I look more than a few feet away things get a little off – look out of focus and the floor looks like it is bowing up in the middle.

    I’ve been in twice and they keep saying I need to let my eyes adjust but I feel unsteady on my feet when wearing them. I did get a second opinion who said my center is slightly off but just at the border of the range permitted.

    My prescription is big so I am in hi-index (-6 with astigmatism and -6.25). Should I go back to the narrow frames? I looked for a while and can’t seem to find any.

    • msatghare says:

      There is an adjustment period when it comes to glasses. Usually about 2 weeks. If there is any curve to the lens that can present an issue for higher prescriptions. If that is the case you should change frames.

  50. Daniel says:

    Hi, i just wanna ask about my problem. I am prescribed to wear eyeglasses when I was in college. When i start to work I often or almost not used my eyeglasses with me. It seems im okey without using them. Now, I have under several medical requiremwnts for my new job yet I have this feeling like I’m having vertigo or dizziness. I am now using my old eyeglasses but I still feel the same.
    Jelp me please.

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