OCT 29

Glasses to wear with bangs

Any type of glasses would look perfect with bangs! Only thing is knowing which glasses look ideal with you. To choose what glasses suits you best you have to consider the shape of your face..

A long face has a high forehead that bangs cover. The face shortens with an illusion of more width to the face. For a perfect look the wider the glasses the better. Oversized frames work great with your features. Choose a bold shape that compliments your style. Standout by playing with colors and textures!

Bangs gives length to a round face. To make it appear thinner and longer, angular narrow glasses lengths the face. Sharpen your softer features with rectangular frames. Choose frames that have bold angular lines. Ensure the bottom hits just above your cheekbones!

EyeQ Genius

A square facial shape has a strong jaw line and a wide forehead. To soften the angles a narrow frame style with more width than depth would fit good. Soften the angular features with rounder frames. Choose a thinner frame that won’t overwhelm. Ensure the width is slightly wider than your cheekbones!

EyeQ Genius G511

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