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Different Frame Styles for Prescription Sunglasses

By rxsafety

If you are in the market for prescription sunglasses, Rx-Safety offers a wide variety of designs. Which pair you select depends on your eyewear needs and personal style.

Additional features, such as UV protection, a variety of tints and scratch coating are nice extras depending on your taste. Lens options include single vision, bifocal and progressive bifocal. Contact us at 1-888-245-6638 to get started or browse our selection online.


It does not get more iconic than a pair of aviator sunglasses. With the original Ray Ban design dating back to the 1930s, aviators are a true classic. Today, the teardrop shaped lenses can be customized in countless ways. For a new take on a classic, consider our Nike Outrider. Layered coloring in multiple shades adds a modern feel.


Wayfarers are another classic style and were a departure from traditional metal frames when introduced by Ray Ban in the 1950s. Their recognizable trapezoidal design has stood the test of time. We also offer a number of full rim frames from brands such as Spy and Lacoste.


If you are looking for something to reflect your personality with just a little edge, shop our Hipster frames. Details, such as the slightly smaller interpretation of famous styles and a bright color selection are features you can expect from our Hipster sunglasses.


Wiley X AirRage

Our sporty sunglasses are some of our most affordable designs without compromising on quality or style. Features such as a temple strap, venting and removable facial cavity seal are included in the Wiley X AirRage line (available in Matte Black, Gloss Black or Crystal Metallic).


Ballistics fit the bill when you need impact resistant frames and eye protection. Whether your schedule entails a day outdoors, an afternoon at the gun range or woodworking in your garage, we have the right pair for you.

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