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Color Coordinating Your Nike Prescription Glasses with Your Apparel

If your entire wardrobe were based on a single color, choosing a matching frame color for your Nike prescription glasses would be as simple as using the same color. Variations might be the same color with more tint (white mixed in) or more shade (black mixed in). However, a better understanding of color coordination would open more possibilities. In addition, a better understanding of color would allow you to select a frame that coordinates well with a wardrobe of multiple colors — a more common situation.

The Color Wheel

A basic understanding of color theory allows you to choose color combinations that work well together, or to achieve a desired effect. It will also free you from relying on the color matching suggestions of others. While it may seem as if this requires having “a good eye for color” or some mysterious “color sense” involving intuition, you’d be surprised to learn that it’s a straightforward mechanical process. That process involves using the color wheel.

The color wheel is used in interior decoration, painting house exteriors, clothing coordination, and is used by architects and artists. It is built up of three primary colors: red, yellow, and blue. These colors are spaced equidistant along a circle. The colors between them are various mixtures of the two nearby primary colors. For example, the colors between red and blue are different red-blue mixtures that produce colors related to violet.

Finding colors from the color wheel that work well together involves following simple rules. These rules produce color combinations that create specific effects. Two of these rules produce two well-known and useful color groups: analogous and complementary colors.

The Analogous Colors

It only makes sense that a color coordinates with itself. That’s why choosing blue Nike prescription glasses frames automatically work well with blue clothing. Likewise, similar colors on the color wheel, called analogous colors, also coordinate well. Analogous colors produce a harmonious effect. To find an analogous color for your frame, choose a color that lies on either side of your shirt’s color (or other article of clothing) on the color wheel.

The Kuler app is based on the color wheel and is useful for selecting colors. Set the color rule to analogous. You will then see five small circles on a circular colored area. Drag the center small circle to a color that matches an article of clothing. The colors to the left and right on the color bar below indicate analogous color choices for your Nike prescription glasses frame.

If you need to find a frame color that matches multiple analogous colors, then drag the center small circle to a location where colors to the left and right in the color bar contain colors that best match the articles of clothing. Use the center color in the color bar for your frame.

The Complementary Colors

Two colors opposite each other on the color wheel are complementary. Unlike analogous colors, which are similar, complementary colors are very different yet produce striking contrast. An example of complementary colors in nature is a green field filled with red tulips. The red tulips seem to pop out of the green landscape.

Likewise, choosing a frame color that is complementary to a shirt, hat, or other nearby article of clothing will make your glasses pop or stand out. This immediately draws attention to your eyes. A complementary color choice provides an accent color.

You can use the Kuler app for finding complementary colors by setting the color rule to complementary. Drag a small circle to the color that matches a clothing item. The color opposite it is complementary. Use it as your frame color.

You can also use the above techniques for choosing the mirror coating color of your Nike prescription sunglasses. For additional insights and help in choosing the right frame for your Nike prescription glasses, please contact us.

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