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Caring For Your Eyeglasses: Protect Your Investments

By rxsafety

When you purchased eyeglasses, you made a big investment and you want to make sure you do everything you can to protect that investment, right? You wear the eyeglasses every day, and you do not want them to be scratched, dropped, or stepped on. However; there is a high chance that one of those things are going to happen to your glasses, but you can keep your glasses looking appealing and durable by doing a few things:


When you notice something on your glasses, do you ever reach for your jacket or your shirt to wipe your lenses? If you have done that; you are not the only person. However; from now on, we hope that you can avoid doing that. If you are near a bathroom or any type of sink with water, you can get the dirt or dust off your lenses by using warm water. Do not use your shirt or a napkin to clean the lenses; use a microfiber cloth.

Work And Play

When you are working or doing any type of activity, you should make sure your eyeglasses will be protected. If you do not currently have a strap for your glasses, they can easily fall off your face and break. Eyeglasses with straps or eyeglasses that are designed for sports and work activities can be perfect for you.


If you ever feel like something is not quite right with your glasses and they need to be adjusted, you should go with that feeling. If the glasses seem crooked or if your nose pads are irritating you, you should plan to visit your eye doctor.

When your eyeglasses are uncomfortable because they are no longer fitting your face properly, you can have trouble seeing and doing your favorite activities. All frames and lenses cannot be adjusted in the same way; do not try to adjust your frames on your own. Let a professional make the best decision regarding how your eyeglasses should be adjusted.

Is Two Better Than One?

Have you ever thought about having more than one pair of eyeglasses? You will never know when you will lose or break your eyeglasses. If you have more than one pair, you can just pull it out and put them on.

You will not have to make an emergency appointment with the eye doctor and you will not have to walk around squinting all day. If you already know you will not be able to adjust without another pair of eyeglasses, you should strongly consider getting an additional pair as your backup eyeglasses.

Do Not Sit Them In Random Places

You may be tempted to place your glasses anywhere when you take them off. You may sit them on a dresser or a table, but if you do this you should make sure you are using an eyeglass case. Anyone can knock the glasses over when you just place them in random places. When they are sitting safely in a case, you will feel comfortable knowing the eyeglasses are being protected.

It does not matter if you only wear eyeglasses for a few times during the day or if you have to wear them every day until it is time to sleep, you will need to protect and care for your eyeglasses.

There are different types of ways to clean and store your eyeglasses, and it is important that you are aware of all of them. If you take good care of your eyeglasses, you may be surprised at how long they will actually last. No one wants to walk around with scratched lenses, right?

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