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Buying Glass Eyeglasses Online: Why it’s Your Best Source for Finding Quality

By rxsafety

We’re a long time removed from when America used glass as the top material in eyewear lenses. Even so, it was far from the earliest material used in glasses if you go back further to the 1200s. During that era, Italy became the center of the first eyewear ever created. It was there where natural crystal became the primary material used on lenses, despite being overly heavy.

If you ever thought glass felt like a face weight, consider what it was like wearing crystal for hours at a time. Later, in the 1700s, the achromatic lens managed to bring glass into the eyewear industry. You can thank Chester Moore Hall for creating this lens, including later use in telescopes for enhanced clarity.

As for glass, it started to fall out of favor on glasses by the beginning of our new century. In recent years, it’s become rare to find glass lenses, even though it still has many advantages.

So if you prefer these lenses, should you buy glass eyeglasses online, or go to an offline dealer?

Trying to Find Glass Lenses Offline

Going through an offline optometrist, you’re likely to get a look of disbelief if you talk about the merits of glass lenses. That’s because they probably don’t provide prescription eyewear with glass. Most likely, you’ll only get offered two main options: Plastic variations, or polycarbonate.

They offer these particular lens types because so many people used to complain about glass being too heavy. At one time, glass lenses could easily break if dropped.

Regardless, quality materials today make glass lenses different from the antiquated designs of decades ago. It’s not quite as heavy as it was (though heavier than plastic), and available in many durable styles. Plus, you get scratch resistance you can’t get in plastic or polycarbonate lenses.

Where can you find these, though, if they’re not easy to find offline?

You May Have to Pay More Buying Glass Lenses Elsewhere

If you’re lucky enough to find a place offline offering glass lenses, you’ll probably have to pay more because of the rarity. Don’t forget about how protracted it is to get prescription glasses through outside sources. It can take extra time to find the right style and size when working through an outlying eyewear manufacturer.

In addition, you may pay extra for add-ons, which aren’t always necessary when choosing glass.

You shouldn’t resist buying prescription glasses online, because you’ll frequently find better deals and assistance.

Going Online to Buy Your Glass Lenses

Here at Myeyewear2go, we’re a rare online source to find glass lenses, which makes us valuable for many people worldwide. We also offer all other types of eyewear as a comprehensive online hub for finding glasses fitting any style.

What you’ll appreciate more is the ability to get glass lenses on today’s hottest eyewear brands. You’ll find everything from Gucci to Vera Wang to fully enjoy your prescription.

We give a promise that if you decide to use glass lenses, we’ll integrate the best materials of the 21st century for a timeless look.

Customization is easy here where you can put together a glass lens prescription on your own time. You’ll get your eyewear by mail within a 10-day window, making it faster than going through an offline manufacturer.

Bringing Clarity to Your Vision

Since glass brings better vision clarity than plastic lenses, you can look at finding glass lenses online as a metaphor toward better buying clarity. While online shopping is mainstream in our culture, we want to prove buying prescription eyewear online works just as easily.

As a final point: Let’s not forget many quality materials of the past haven’t gone away. They just seem to only be available through specialty dealers online.

Contact us at Myeyewear2go to learn more about glass lenses and how you can acquire them from us.

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