OCT 07

What Are The Best Prescription Safety Glasses?

Safety glasses and goggles are designed with a variety of safety ratings to meet your needs for being shatterproof, fog resistant, glare-resistant, dust, sweat, and particle-proof, and more. Whether they are required for work or a precaution you take for a hobby or extracurricular activity—they drastically reduce your odds of eye injury. Not to worry […]

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OCT 07

The Best Prescription Motorcycle Glasses for Night Riding

As a motorcycle rider, there is little better than taking your motorcycle out onto the road for a long ride. Whether you are a new rider or have been riding your motorcycle for decades, the simple act of riding on an open road is truly a gift. At Rx-Safety, we are proud to sell some of […]

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SEP 30

The Top 10 Prescription Safety Glasses with Side Shields

If you need prescription lenses to see in your day-to-day life, you may have encountered different types of prescription safety glasses with side shields while shopping. Prescription glasses come in all varying shapes and sizes, giving you a significant amount of flexibility when searching for your next pair. At Rx-Safety, we are proud to offer a […]

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SEP 23

How to Choose Eyeglasses That Make You Look Younger

Many people pay attention to the clothes they wear and the accessories to accent them, and it’s only natural to prefer to look younger than our years, if possible. Choosing eyeglasses that make you look younger can accentuate your youthful features, and can even mask less youthful features you don’t want to share, like lines […]

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SEP 16

The 7 Amazing Kate Spade Eyeglasses You Need For 2019

Fun, flirty, feminine—just a few of the words that describe the design house of Kate Spade eyeglasses. Established in 1993 as a handbag designer, the brand describes itself as having a “graphic approach and trademark wit” which has made the quirky company so popular in the last few decades. They’re known for their irreverently adorable designs and […]

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SEP 09

The Best Color Of Eyeglass Frames For Salt And Pepper Hair

As your hair color begins to change to a distinguished salt and pepper color you may find that your current eyeglass frame color no longer works for you. While your frame shape won’t change beige, brown, silver, clear and even tortoiseshell frames will dull and age you. Here are the best color of eyeglass frames […]

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SEP 02

Where to Get Prescription Lenses to Put Into Frames

If you have an eye condition, there may come a time when you would like to purchase new frames. There are plenty of examples. For instance, you may be taking up a new sport and want to purchase new glasses that are specifically catered for tennis, cycling, or another activity. You may have found a […]

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AUG 26

How to Convert Your Eyeglass Prescription to Reading Glasses

If you need to convert your eyeglass prescription to reading glasses, you may decide to skip this manual process and speak with your eye care professional. There is nothing inherently wrong with this. But having said that, it is always helpful to know how you can accurately complete this conversion process. If you are an […]

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AUG 19

The Best Oakley Sunglasses for Motorcycle Riding

By putting on a pair of the best Oakley sunglasses for motorcycle riding, you can leverage a wide range of both functional and aesthetic features.

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AUG 12

The Perfect Glasses For Men With A Narrow Face

So many of the articles you read about selecting the perfect glasses for men with a narrow face are geared around the shape of your face—square, oval, heart-shaped, or round. But face shape isn’t the only factor you must consider. If you have a narrow face the frames that typically work for your face shape […]

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AUG 05

How Do Solar Eclipse Glasses Work?

Solar eclipses can be some of the coolest natural occurrences in our world today. As a reminder, solar eclipses occur when a portion of the Earth is engulfed in a shadow cast by the Moon. When this happens, the sun is fully or partially blocked, creating some miraculous sights. In fact, depending on where you […]

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JUL 29

What Color Eyeglasses Look Good with Gray Hair?

Eyeglasses, reading glasses and prescribed glasses, all of them are eyed with dubious and sad looks. No one is ever happy to hear that they are getting glasses. They feel like a huge hindrance in fashion, beauty and latest trends. There is so much you can’t do any more with glasses on. There are many […]

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JUL 22

The Advantages of Trivex Lenses

If you wear glasses in your day-to-day life, you undoubtedly want to make sure that you are wearing the most functional and comfortable glasses. This is true whether you are simply behind a desk all day or you are constantly on the go with your family. Simply put, it is worth taking the time to […]

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JUL 15

Best Sunglasses to Wear with a Beard

The easiest way a man can look sharp and well-dressed is to add a pair of sleek sunglasses to his outfit. Sunglasses are the best and timeless accessory. The world of fashionable sunglasses is full of style and trends, so no matter what your preference is, you will find your match. Whether you love big, […]

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JUL 08

Can You Put Prescription Lenses in Sunglass Frames?

If you have any type of eye issue, you inevitably need to spend more time adjusting to the world around you. From taking a second to double check that you have your glasses to dealing with potential symptoms of your eye ailment, the time and effort spent accommodating your eye issue can be frustrating. Which […]

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JUN 30

Prescription Hipster Glasses New Styles 2019

Why is it, that the same prescription glasses that look great on your friend don’t look good on you? Have you ever thought about what makes the glasses suit your face? Believe it or not, the face cut, skin tone, and the color of the frame matter more than anything else when picking out the […]

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JUN 24

What Are The Best Prescription Safety Glasses?

Whether you are working in a hazardous profession or are simply working on some improvements in your home, you may need to rely on certain equipment to protect yourself. This is especially the case if you have an eye condition. Prescription safety glasses can not only protect your eyes from damage, but they can ensure […]

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JUN 17

How to Measure the Nose Bridge for Glasses

Whether you are looking to purchase your first pair of glasses or have purchased glasses from some time, you may be concerned about getting the right fit for your new pair. It’s worth your time to start thinking about this question. The worst case scenario is that you buy a new pair of glasses, but […]

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JUN 10

The Best Prescription Glasses for Night Driving

Whether you are traveling short or long distances, the odds are good that you are traveling by car. Along with this, even though we keep hearing about the self-driving car revolution, nearly every one of us is driving our own car. Obviously, driving has both its pros and cons. Obviously, the freedom to travel whenever […]

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JUN 03

How Can I Prevent Motorcycle Glasses From Fogging Under My Helmet?

As a motorcycle rider, you get to enjoy the true freedom that comes with taking your motorcycle on the road. There is nothing better than the feeling of the wind in your hair as you are riding your motorcycle on a bright, sunny day. It can be addicting. But having said this, it isn’t always […]

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