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The Best Sunglasses for a Diamond Face Shape

By cosmick

Diamond face shapes are often neglected when eyewear companies suggest frame styles. Most often, you hear about sunglasses for round, oval, square, and heart face shapes, but what are the best sunglasses for diamond face shapes?

The Diamond Face Shape: Which Frames Suit It?

Best Sunglasses for Diamond Face ShapesFirst off, let’s clarify what a diamond face shape is. If you have a diamond-shaped face, your chin and forehead are relatively narrow while your cheekbones come out to form one of your more prominent features. This means that you have a face that is wider in the middle that on top or bottom.

There are a few frame styles that are best for diamond-shaped faces:

  • If you are a fan of your cheek bones, you should go with a rimless or narrow frame style to complement them.
  • If you want to compensate for or remove some of your diamond shape, a good style choice is large, square-shaped aviators or wraparounds. They will bring some balance to the overall structure of your face.
  • A good choice that neither accentuates nor serves to hide your face shape is a cat-eye shape or big-lens, Jackie-O style frames. They will look cute without altering your features.
  • Frame shapes that are narrow towards the bridge and wider at the temples are also a good fit to complement a diamond face shape. The bigger the better.

If you need diamond face shape sunglasses, these are the options that are best for you. There are others that may work for your individual shape on a case-by-case basis, but we strongly recommend going with one of these styles. You will find that the sunglasses look great regardless of the hair style or style of dress you choose to wear that day.

If you have questions about sunglasses and which ones are right for you, leave a comment below! We’d love to hear what you have to say. Thanks for reading, and have a great time in the sun!

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