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What is the best sunglass lens color for blue eyes?

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Sometimes trying to find the best sunglass lens color for blue eyes can make you feel lost at sea. Let us throw you a lifeline, as we guide you to just the right one for you.

Since people who have light – colored eyes are more photosensitive than those with darker eyes, darker lenses are generally best. However, when looking for sunglasses choose one that blocks 99.9% UVA and UVB rays.

Choosing the best tint for blue eyes is a challenge but there are many available colors of tint for your sunglasses. So which lens tint do you choose? The answer to this, it can depend on your activity and what you want to get out of your sunglasses. Here is a breakdown of the different sunglass tints that are best for blue eyes:

Green tint:

Green tint transmits colors evenly. It is best for general activities, dimming glare and brightening shadows. Sunglasses with green tint are for any outdoor activity and are good for rain or shine.

Brown tint:

Brown tinted sunglasses improves contrast and enhances depth perception. This color lens is good for sports that require you to measure distance, for instance fishing, boating, golf or tennis. They work best in partly cloudy to sunny weather.

Grey Tint:

Grey colored tint reduces glare, calms the eyes and helps reduce stress on the eyes. They help with eye fatigue, true color perception, and are dark enough to the protect the eyes. Grey tinted sunglasses are best for driving, water sports and all other outdoor activities. They are best for sunny days and days with an overcast.

When choosing your lens color, think of the activities you do on a daily basis and compare the benefits of each of the mentioned lens colors to these activities. Look for the one that best matches what you want to get out of your sunglasses. Remember to choose sunglasses that provide you with 99.9% UVA and UVB protection and provides you with the right protection against the sun.

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