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Best Selling Prescription Motorcycle Glasses

By rxsafety

Looking for a pair of motorcycle glasses that’s as impressive, useful, and attractive as your bike itself?

Prescription Motorcycle Glasses: Which are the Best Selling?

Best Selling Prescription Motorcycle Riding GlassesPrescription motorcycle glasses are used by most people who wear prescription glasses and ride a bike without a full face visor, and by many who use the visor as well. The reason they’re so popular is simple: they make your riding safer and more enjoyable.

What makes a style of prescription motorcycle glasses so popular? Prescription glasses wearers are generally looking for specific attributes in a pair of prescription motorcycle glasses. Some of these include a facial cavity seal (also known as a foam gasket), impact-resistant lenses, durability, comfort, and good looks.

We have been servicing prescription glasses wearers who ride motorcycles for many years, and we’re proud to offer a wide selection of prescription motorcycle glasses that meet all these requirements.

If you’re wondering what the best selling prescription motorcycle glasses are, here’s what makes them popular, and our most popular motorcycle glasses brands:

  • Prescription motorcycle glasses need to have a facial cavity seal, otherwise known as a foam gasket. This blocks wind and dust or debris from getting to your eyes by flowing under the lenses. Most are removable so you can wear the glasses as sunglasses when not on the bike.
  • Another necessary feature of prescription motorcycle glasses is impact-resistant lenses. Most of the prescription motorcycle glasses we sell are ANSI Z87 approved safety glasses. We recommend polycarbonate lens material for the highest impact resistance.
  • Comfort is a huge part of what makes a pair of prescription motorcycle glasses popular. If you get uncomfortable glasses, you’ll be regretting it the more miles you travel. Uncomfortable glasses are infamous for getting more uncomfortable the longer you travel.
  • The best selling prescription motorcycle glasses, and the ones we recommend below, combine foam gaskets, impact-resistant lenses, durability, comfort, and good looks.
  • Wiley X Climate Control Series are our best-selling prescription motorcycle glasses. This line of glasses combines all of the necessary and desired features of prescription motorcycle glasses, making them safe, comfortable, and extremely popular. They are all ANSI Z87 approved and all feature removable facial cavity seals.
  • Bobster Eyewear prescription motorcycle glasses are also extremely popular. The XRH is especially popular from this line because it features all of the above requirements, and it is ANSI Z87 approved.

A good pair of prescription motorcycle glasses will serve you for a long time on the bike, generally at least as long as your prescription lasts.

If you’re in the market for a new pair of prescription motorcycle glasses, these are our suggestions and what most of our customers follow when shopping for them. Generally speaking, most of our customers know what makes a pair of motorcycle glasses good before they get to our site, but we wanted to make sure that all of our customers shopping for this incredibly important piece of motorcycle riding apparel were aware of what they should have in mind while shopping, and what we recommend.

If you have any questions about prescription motorcycle glasses or what’s best for you, give us a call or leave a comment below! Thanks for reading, and ride safe!

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