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The 7 Amazing Kate Spade Eyeglasses You Need For 2019

Fun, flirty, feminine—just a few of the words that describe the design house of Kate Spade eyeglasses. Established in 1993 as a handbag designer, the brand describes itself as having a “graphic approach and trademark wit” which has made the quirky company so popular in the last few decades. They’re known for their irreverently adorable designs and their willingness to be unabashedly girly.

Now, Kate Spade is a global lifestyle brand that offers everything from phone cases and dresses to eyeglasses and sunglasses. If you’re looking for a fresh way to add some flair to your look, check out our picks for the best Kate Spade eyeglasses of 2019.

How to Pick the Right Kate Spade Eyeglasses

But first, here are our quick tips on picking the perfect frames for you:

  • If you have soft facial features, pick frames with a bolder, sharper silhouette. But if you have a sharp jaw or killer cheekbones, soften things up with a rounded frame.
  • Try on everything! Finding the perfect shape for you is all about trial and error. Try whatever you like and see what works.
  • Don’t be afraid to step outside the box. Let your specs speak for you! They represent your personal style, after all.

The Best Kate Spade Eyeglasses for 2019

Kate Spade Marciann $169.00

The Kate Spade Marciann frame is the perfect choice for the woman who wants to add some academic drama to their look. These glasses will pair perfectly with an oversized sweater and a cappuccino at the local coffee shop, or a killer blazer and power heels for your next big meeting. Whether you’re a co-ed crossing campus in style, or the stylish new dean of the business school, the Kate Spade Marciann frame is the perfect addition to your chic but cozy wardrobe.

The style features a full rim frame and gold hardware to add a luxe touch. You can choose from blue, black, red or ivory acetate temples, so there’s sure to be something for everyone.

Kate Spade Kalie $169.00

Want to add a little vintage flair to your everyday look? Then be sure to pick up Kate Spade’s Kalie frame. The classic cat-eye shape has been modernized to suit the 21st century vintage fashionista, and the stainless steel frame keeps it sleek and chic. Can’t you just picture yourself picking through hidden-away antique shops for vintage treasures and knick-knacks in these specs?

The Kalie frames come in brown, black, plum, or blue so you can switch up your style depending on the day. Pro-tip: the plum frames will look amazing with hazel eyes, so snag those if you want to make your peepers pop.

Kate Spade Demi/F $161.00

For those who want to stand out from the crowd—but aren’t interested in taking center stage—the Kate Spade Demi/F frame is a must-have. The traditional square shape is flattering on most face shapes, and the all-acetate frames are durable yet fashionable.

These frames have classic bones, but they wouldn’t be Kate Spade if they didn’t have a twist! The brown tortoiseshell frames are speckled with hints of blue to show off your personality. Plus, the temples are translucent blue and reveal a uniquely shaped metal frame. The Demi is perfect for people who love a classic silhouette but want to make it their own.

Kate Spade Kaysie $169.00

Cute, fun, and a little bit wacky—it’s what Kate Spade is all about! The Kate Spade Kaysie frame captures this vibe perfectly.  The beautiful combo of tortoiseshell-patterned acetate and complementary metal temples gives the frames a modern yet timeless look and the oval rim shape is trendy and quirky-cute. The Kaysie is perfect for the lady who lovingly displays her vintage fashion magazines on her oh-so-modern glass coffee table. It’s the best of both worlds—unique but classic, modern with a touch of old school charm.

The Kaysie is available in four colors—Blue, Black, Dark Havana, and Light Havana.

Kate Spade Atalina $161.00

It’s a jungle out there, and you’re the top cat. The Kate Spade Atalina frames in the color “Black Pattern” are a cheetah-licious choice to show off just how fierce you are. The oversized frames are a classic shape that doesn’t overwhelm the pattern on these blinkers. Pair with a red lip, gold hoops, and some serious attitude to let everyone know that you’re at the top of the food chain.

If you love the classic silhouette but animal print isn’t quite your style, the Atalina comes in Black, Havana, and Pink Havana as well. And because you shouldn’t sacrifice comfort for fashion, the enhanced ergonomic nose piece and temple make these some seriously comfortable specs.

Kate Spade Jailyn $169.00

Ready to make a statement? If that statement is, “I should have been born during the Kennedy administration,” then you need the Kate Spade Jailyn frames, stat. In true Kate Spade fashion, these cat-eye frames are quirky, cute, and certainly make a statement. The quintessentially feminine silhouette is sure to turn heads, while the vintage vibe is endlessly instagrammable.

They boast a full metal frame and a single bridge. The blue accents on the top of the frame and the end of the earpiece are the perfect little accents to help you truly stand out.

Kate Spade Karlyn $169.00

If you’re more interested in playing around with patterns than shapes, then you and the Kate Spade Karlyn frames are a match made in heaven. Oversized, rectangular frames are everywhere these days, so you know they won’t go out of style any time soon. And the solid temples blend artfully with the gorgeous speckled pattern in the center of the frames to make them truly special. They’re a classic with a twist!

The full-frame is a universally-flattering shape that is sure to bring out your best features, while the durable acetate makes them beautiful and durable. Choose from Dark Havana, Black, or Blue.

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