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Geek Is the New Sexy: Be “Geek Chic” with Nike Glasses, Casual Clothes and Accessories

At one time, eyeglasses used to be considered geeky. Only bookworms wore them. Everyone else opted for contacts or surgery.

But eyeglasses are no longer considered unfashionable in this day and age. In fact, geek is the new sexy. Geeks have shown that, when it comes to the real world, they have as much of a chance of being successful as the so-called “cool” kids. An injury might end a sportsman’s career but no one can take your intelligence away from you. That’s why being a geek is actually more practical in the long run.

And besides, gone are the days when being a geek meant wearing boring sweaters and thick rims. As a geek, you no longer have to cut your hair in an unfashionable style and wear practical but ugly shoes.

Instead, you can be “geek chic.” Embrace your geekiness with well-fitting, casual clothing and prescription Nike glasses. Go the Robert Pattinson route with messy hair. Get yourself a pair of Skechers or Converse sneakers.

Being a geek can also mean being fashionable. Here are a few tips to help you develop your own geeky style:

Get a Great Pair of Glasses

Nothing says “geek” like glasses. So if you want to be one, you have to get a pair. There are many great brands to choose from, including Nike prescription eyewear.

  • Glasses That Suit Your Face: Make sure that you choose your prescription Nike glasses with care. The idea is to get a pair that suits your face. If you have delicate features and a well-chiseled face, you might want to go with delicate rims. If you have a larger face with a strong jaw, you can go with something thicker and more sporty-looking.
  • Trying on Different Frames: There are many options as far as frames go—metallic frames, plastic frames, half-rims, rimless frames etc. Make sure you try one of each kind. You never know. You might fall in love with something that you had never liked before.
  • Keeping Your Wardrobe in Mind: Certain rims will go with many different types of clothes—plain metallic rims, dark-colored rims etc. However, colorful rims or rims in quirky shapes (like cat-eye glasses) will not match with all your clothes. So keep your wardrobe in mind when you buy.

Wear Casual but Well-Fitting Clothes

Another aspect of “geek chic” is wearing casual but well-fitting clothes. The fact is that geeks don’t wear formal clothes nowadays. Someone who works on Wall Street will probably sport an Armani suit but someone who works in Silicon Valley is more likely to show up to work in jeans and sneakers.

  • Casual, Fashionable Brands for Geeks: Just because you’re going casual doesn’t mean that you have to be sloppy. You can still pay attention to the way you dress. There are many great brands that make fashionable, casual clothes now—the Gap, Diesel, Zara, H&M etc. Check out their stores when you’re building your geek wardrobe.
  • Buying the Right Jeans: A few great-fitting pairs of jeans are a must for any geek. For men, it’s best to get jeans that are a little bit loose but not too much. They shouldn’t outline your lower half but they shouldn’t be hanging off it either! For women, there are many great jeans options—boot cut and skinny being the two main ones. Make sure you have a slightly darker pair which looks more formal and a couple of lighter ones for everyday use.
  • Buying the Basics: In addition to jeans, you’ll also need the basics—t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies etc. Don’t be afraid to add a touch of color to your wardrobe. Wearing only blues, greys and browns gets a bit boring after a while. At the same time, it’s best not to go overboard with patterns and colors.

Accessorize with Shoes, Sunglasses, Bags Etc.

A slightly sporty and practical look is often best when it comes to geek chic.

  • Shoes: Canvas shoes such as the ones sold by the Skechers and Converse brands will always be cool in a geeky way.
  • Sunglasses: You might think that Nike sunglasses look too cool to be geek chic. But at the same time, consider the fact that they are quite practical for those sunny days.
  • Bags: Messenger bags are great geek chic accoutrements for both, men and women.

Don’t Overthink It

The point of geek chic is that it should represent on the outside who you are on the inside. So there’s no point in overthinking each and every aspect of your wardrobe. Instead, it’s best to go with the things that you are most comfortable using.

  • Making Things Fashionable: Remember that anything can become fashionable if you do it with confidence—from childish lunchboxes to beanie hats. So don’t feel like you have to get rid of your old, favorite sweater or those shoes that you wore to death in high school.
  • Owning Who You Are: Although it may be a good idea to throw out anything that’s ratty and torn, you can also buy new things that are in the same style. The idea is not to change who you are but to become more comfortable with who you are.

So are you ready to be a geek? Are you ready to own that you are a highly intelligent individual with an affinity for books, computers, code, design or logic? If so, then you’re ready to be a geek on your own terms and to create your own style.

Contact us for more great tips on developing your own version of geek chic.

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