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Five Reasons Why People Buy New Prescription Glasses

It makes sense to get the most mileage possible from something before replacing it. For some things, that’s absolutely true. However, for other items, that approach could adversely affect your health or safety. Some items wear down gradually without your awareness because you get used to its diminished performance. For example, an old pair of walking shoes may seem perfectly fine until one day you try out a new pair and find that you can walk greater distances without feeling foot or leg fatigue. The same is true of your prescription glasses.

Things change. Your vision changes, and your glasses suffer from wear and tear. Eyewear technology also changes for the better, and you can’t benefit from this if you’re holding on to an old pair of glasses. Styles also change as well as your personal needs.

Here are five specific reasons people get new prescription glasses:

Vision Changes

Vision changes occur to everyone. The eye is living tissue and can change for a variety of reasons, including some that are age related. You should have your vision checked every one or two years to keep your prescription current. Sometimes an eye checkup may reveal other health issues unrelated to your vision. An early diagnosis of a health problem can head off serious complications.

People often experience symptoms that indicate their need of a new prescription. If you’re experiencing eyestrain, there may be more to it than spending too much time reading in dim lighting. Eyestrain symptoms such as blurred vision and headache are also caused by eyewear that fails to bring things into sharp focus. This causes your eyes to work harder.

Wear and Tear

Over time, your lenses pick up scratches from mishandling, accidents, and cleaning mistakes. These scratches, some of which are very small, build up and reduce your clarity of vision. Unless the lenses get very large scratches, your brain tunes out their effects. However, this doesn’t change the fact that your clarity of vision is diminishing. The effect is similar to never cleaning dust and dirt from your glasses. Scratch buildup also increases glare from sunlight, computer screens, and traffic headlights.

Plastic frames can distort over the years, especially if you’ve ever left them in your car in the summer. Heat causes plastic to deform. This means your lenses may not properly center over your eyes, or the frames are causing discomfort.

New Technology Benefits

Nike prescription eyewear comes with a variety of features and options. New materials and lens making techniques produce thinner and lighter lenses. These increase your comfort, allow your glasses to stay in place during physical activity, and reduce the optical distortions of your eyes produced by thick lenses. An anti-reflective coating will reduce highway glare at night and a UV protective coating will prevent long-term UV damage to your eyes.

Customized Glasses

The features and options available with Nike prescription glasses, allow you to customize them for different situations. For example, you can customize a pair of Nike prescription glasses for work. If you work with computers and other devices with digital screens, a clear blue blocker lens will reduce glare and provide protection against the effects of too much blue light.

You may want another pair customized for outdoor sport activities. These customizations may include tints for glare reduction and contrast enhancement. UV protection in the form of a protective coating or a UV blocking lens material is a must for the outdoors.

Some people buy a separate pair of glasses that expresses their personality and style for social occasions. This is common among people whose work environment requires a conservative look that doesn’t fit well with their social life.

A Spare Set of Glasses

When traveling, it’s a good idea to carry a spare set of prescription glasses in case one pair gets lost or damaged. People sometimes get an inexpensive pair for everyday use in order to protect their expensive pair of glasses from day-to-day wear and tear. Contact lens users often have a backup pair of glasses for use in dusty environments or when their eyes need a rest break from their contacts.

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  1. Julius Wither Amberfield says:

    It was great how you said that plastic frames are subject to wear and tear over the years so they can become deformed and thus will not be able to properly cover the eyes and cause discomfort for the user. That’s the same complaint my younger brother has about his prescription lenses. Aside from that, I think the condition of his eyes became worse because his old lenses weren’t helping him see as much as they used to. I’ll go get in touch with an optometrist soon and see what can be done. Thanks a lot!

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