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What Are Digital Progressive Eyeglass Lenses?

Digital progressive lenses are sometimes referred to as “no-line bifocals” or “no-line trifocals” and are multifocal lenses that allow the wearer to comfortably view both near and far distances.  Digital progressive lenses offer both cosmetic and functional advantages compared to traditional lenses.

How Do Digital Progressive Lenses Work?

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Digital progressive lenses are customized lenses designed on a computer specifically for you rather than using pre-molded designs for traditional lenses.  These digital manufactured lenses provide improved visual clarity for those who have trouble seeing both short and long distances.

Are Digital Progressive Lenses Right For You?

These lenses are great for those who have trouble reading but still want a more youthful-looking pair of eyeglass lenses.  In addition, they can eliminate problems frequently seen in bifocal lenses, such as “image jump”, where an image appears to “jump” when your eyes look at different parts of the lens powers.

Some people used to have difficulty adjusting to digital progressive lenses at first because of minor aberrations in the lenses.  Peripheral aberrations can make you slightly dizzy if you make fast head movements or if you look too far to your left or right.  The good news is that recent technology has improved these aberrations dramatically and few experience these effects anymore.

Benefits of Digital Progressive Lenses:

  • Hides the visible lines that traditional bifocals and trifocals have, offering a younger-looking appearance.
  • Personalized to fit your prescription and appearance.
  • Have multiple lenses for a variety of viewing distances.
  • Allows you to comfortable view a computer screen and fine print reading materials.
  • Offers a natural correction of Presbyopia, a vision problem that causes blurry vision when reading or viewing a computer screen.
  • Increased color vision, contrast perception, and low vision.

Best Types of Digital Progressive Lenses

Finding a pair of digital progressive lenses specifically for you isn’t difficult in today’s age.  With helpful resources like, you can find the perfect pair of lenses and have digital progressive lenses made to suit your lifestyle.  Here are the steps for getting your digital progressive lenses:

Get your prescription:  First, you will have your eyes digitally scanned that will collect data on your eyes.  This will help you identify the perfect prescription for you.

Pick a pair of frames to suit your style:  Next, you will pick out a pair of lenses such as these Geek January from Rx-Safety and have your prescription fitted to these frames.

Get your order manufactured:  Your order will then be sent to a lab that creates the lenses on a digital computer.  This computer-controlled surfacing equipment will make your lenses much more precise than normal equipment could.

Shop for Sunglasses

Purchasing digital progressive lenses is relatively easy and eliminates both cosmetic and functional problems that are associated with traditional bifocal and trifocal lenses.  Consider purchasing digital progressive lenses if you would like to easily transition from distance to near vision without the image jumping effect.

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