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Glasses That Make Your Nose Look Smaller

It’s perhaps the most difficult part of choosing frames: finding the one that looks good on you.

How Can My Glasses Make My Nose Look Smaller?

Everyone has a number of different factors that affect frame appearance, including face shape, hair style, and the shapes and sizes of prominent facial features such as the brow, the cheekbones, the chin, and the nose.sunglasses, eyeglasses, prescription sunglasses, prescription eyeglasses

The nose – large or small – is often the most prominent feature on the face. Since glasses fit on and around the nose, they often add to its perceived size. This can be a problem for anyone who wishes to offset, not highlight, the size of the nose. When it comes to eyeglasses, the most important factor in altering the prominence of your nose is the frame. Here are a few tips for choosing a frame that will make your nose look smaller:

  • Widen the Lenses – frames that place the lenses further apart help to diminish the other facial features, especially the nose. The larger the appearance of the glasses, the smaller the other areas of the face will appear.
  • Go Heavy on the Frame – a thicker, denser frame style will call attention to itself, and draw the eyes of onlookers horizontally towards the ears. Solid plastic frames will accomplish this much better than thin metal frames, which blend into the face.
  • Lower the Bridge – a high-set bridge lowers the lenses, placing them alongside the nose and increasing the effect of size and mass in that area. Conversely, a lower-set bridge will raise the lenses a bit, drawing them away from the nose area.
  • Go Square – experiment with a square- or rectangular-shaped lens frame. Round shapes will blend with the nose, adding to the illusion of size; blocky shapes will delineate the face better and draw attention from the nose.
  • Keep it Dark – again, your goal is highlight the size of the frame, and dark, solid colors will do so far better than clear, wire-thin, or light-colored frames. Darker colors add boldness and heft to the frame. Nothing works better than the darkest color, and it’s the one that’s always in style: classic black.
  • Added Flair – another trick to play up the lenses and downplay the nose, one that’s especially apropos on feminine frames, is to make it busy. Floral frame patterns, jeweled inserts, temple logos or artwork – anything that draws attention to the frame draws attention away from the nose.

The examples above should help you narrow down your eyewear choices, or at least eliminate some and give you a good idea of where to start. As with most questions about frame style and appearance, it’s best to experiment with different frame shapes, sizes, and colors before settling on your frame.

sunglasses, eyeglasses, prescription sunglasses, prescription eyeglassesRemember also that various other factors can affect the appearance of the nose. For women, hair styles, makeup application, and hat or scarf selections play important roles. For men, the height of the hair line and the style and cut of beards and mustaches, if present, can greatly affect the appearance of any facial features. These factors, combined with your eyeglass frames, can be altered to compliment each other and make your nose appear smaller.

  1. Elizabeth Valentine says:

    Wish I had known these facts years ago,fully agree with everything said here I have a large nose and had no idea on what kind of glasses to get as assistants in shop seemed too busy to be bothered with the look and concentrated more on fitting etc,thanks for pointing me in the right direction at last.

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