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The Best Easy Hairstyles to Show-off Your Glasses

No time to fix your hair? Try these easy hairstyles for glasses!

OK, so you love your glasses and don’t want to hide them behind your mountain of hair, what’s a girl to do? There are a lot of ways to style your hair to best show off your face and these will also be good to show off your cool specs. Today we will focus on everyday hairstyles, things that will be easy to do for all levels of hair experience. We want to be able to look our best every day, so why not start with the basics!

Show Off Your Glasses with Great Hairstyles

There are some of added benefits to wearing your hair up other than just looking good. Aside from being cooler (as in less hot) in summer, keeping your hair off your face can help prevent skin blemishes and dirty glasses since the products and natural oils in your hair won’t be touching your face.

So let’s dive in shall we.

1. Bangs/Fringe

If you want a haircut with a built in style, go for some bangs, it’s that easy. Well, there is the hard part of picking which bangs will fit your face the best. Depending on your face shape, there are a few styles that might look better than others.

Bangs frame your face in a way that is excellent for showing off your eyes, and by default, your glasses. They are quick and easy to style, meaning you’ll have more time in the morning before work. The two most common bangs you see are the blunt bangs and the side swept bangs.

2.  Braids

Braids aren’t just for little girls anymore! There are thousands of braided hairstyles on the internet to choose from, but which is the best for you with your glasses? Well, to keep it casual, the side braid is super easy and can be styled in a ton of ways that can show off your glasses.

Don’t think that this hairstyle has to just be a plain braid. You can dress up a simple braid by changing it to fishtail or French/Dutch braid or even something kind of loopy.

3. Braided Crown

This is a quick hairstyle you can do once you master the art of French Braiding. There are also a lot of variations on this style. You can French braid only the front sections of hair, half or just go all the way around. These looks are excellent for the beach or school, keeping hair out of the face and looking casual at the same time.

4. The Bun/Top Knot

This one is my personal favorite. On those days where you don’t feel like putting any effort into your hair, you can always tie it back in a bun. I prefer the low bun, but the top knot is extremely popular these days. It seems to be universally flattering and is super simple. You can always jazz it up with some hair accessories or, once you get good at doing braids, combine the hairstyles listed above into a super style.

There you go fashionistas, the best simple hairstyles to show off your glasses. Please post pictures of you rocking your favorite styles!

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