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Why Yellow Shooting Glasses?

Wondering what’s so great about yellow lenses for shooting?

What are Yellow Shooting Glasses for?

Yellow Shooting GlassesYellow shooting glasses are preferred over clear shooting glasses by many sportsmen and law enforcement professionals alike.

These bright lenses do more than color the world in a sunny light. They enhance contrast, make lighting seem brighter than it is, and improve visual acuity.

When shooting, enhanced contrast and visual acuity mean faster reaction times and greater clarity when looking down your sights. Many feel that yellow shooting glasses improve their shooting once they get used to the color, and that can make a big difference for a competitive shooter or someone looking to fine tune their aim.

Why yellow shooting glasses, you ask?

  • Yellow lenses enhance your visual acuity.
  • Yellow shooting glasses enhance contrast, improving your ability to distinguish between objects and find edges.
  • The human eye is most naturally adapted to detecting yellow light because of the high ratio of yellow light emitted from the sun, compared to others. This means that yellow lenses make things appear brighter and clearer.
  • Enhanced contrast and visual acuity allow yellow shooting glasses improve your reaction time and differentiation of targets.
  • Experienced shooters generally do not move away from yellow shooting glasses after they’ve started using them, proof of their effectiveness and popularity.
  • Our yellow shooting glasses are ANSI Z87 certified for impact safety.

Shooting glasses are important to the safety of your eyes, so wearing them is always a good idea while shooting. If you’re going to be wearing shooting glasses, doesn’t it make sense to wear ones that will improve your shot?

If you’re somebody who likes to shoot or if you’re working in law enforcement, yellow shooting glasses are definitely worth a try. Hundreds of skilled shooters are using them every time they shoot, and they are safer and more skilled for it.

If you have questions about yellow shooting glasses, leave a comment below or give us a call! Thanks for reading, and stay safe.If you have any questions about these incredibly useful motorcycle glasses or some of our other products, call our customer service department or leave a comment below. Thanks for reading, and happy riding!

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