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The Best Fishing Sunglasses

Fishing sunglasses are numerous and varied, and some are better for the sport than others.

What are the Best Sunglasses for Fishing?

Fishing SunglassesIf you’ve never owned a pair of sunglasses for fishing and you enjoy the sport, you’re missing out. There are sunglasses made specifically for angling that have a variety of key features that make your fishing both better and more pleasant as you’re out there hunting for the big one. Whether you prefer saltwater or freshwater, live or artificial, boat or shore, fishing sunglasses will improve your game.

When shopping for fishing sunglasses, you should make sure to get a pair that is polarized. Mirror coatings are good as well, blue and green being the best to block reflected light from the water. Even people who simply enjoy boating but do not fish often purchase fishing sunglasses like this because they know the eyewear helps their visibility on the water while helping to keep their eyes comfortable and without strain.

If you’re interested in what fishing sunglasses have to offer, here’s why they’re great:

  • Fishing sunglasses are dark, easing the strain of very bright sunlight that comes from hours of being out on the boat or shore. Your eyes will be more comfortable after a day’s fishing, plus they’ll be protected from harmful UV rays.
  • Seeing into the water is extremely helpful while fishing, especially in freshwater. Polarized fishing sunglasses with a blue or green mirror coating give you the best possible view into the water by blocking or reflecting much of the scattered and reflected light coming off of the water.
  • Polarization also helps with haze and other distracting visibility issues while fishing. Your vision will be clearer, making it easier to see if the line jumps while you’re fishing.
  • Fishing sunglasses can be made in prescription, so if you wear prescription glasses you can get a perfect pair made exclusively for fishing.
  • Some fishing sunglasses float. In running water, this doesn’t always help, but in still water it can be a real blessing.
  • If you are fish in running water or the ocean, a floating retainer cord may be more useful than floating frames, as many floating retainers stay above water even if it’s moving.
  • Fishing without sunglasses not only harms your eyes, it can cause you to lose fish. What if, this whole time, you’ve been missing fish because you couldn’t see where they were in the water? Those of us who love to fish are not trying to miss the big one. The glasses will help with this.

Fishing sunglasses are a very useful addition to your tackle box… so much so that many tackle boxes and bags nowadays have a special compartment specifically designed to hold your sunglasses. Some of the best sunglasses manufacturers have lines and styles specifically tailored to fishing. Professional anglers are sponsored by eyewear companies. There’s a reason for all this: fishing sunglasses work.

Arguably, the most important reason to get a pair of fishing sunglasses is to keep your eyes safe. If fishing is a regular hobby for you, chances are you spend countless hours out in the sun every year. How much are you willing to risk your vision? UV rays can be very harmful to your eyes in the long term. If you’re going to get a pair of shades to protect your vision, why not make sure you get ones that will also improve your hobby?

If you are curious about what else fishing sunglasses have to offer, or what we have available in our fishing line, leave a comment below or shoot us a call. We’d love to chat about sunglasses. If we just so happen to also talk about the catch of the day, what’s hitting what around here, and the lunkers we caught last weekend… well, I’m sure we can spare the time. Thanks for reading, and happy fishing!

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