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Fog Free Lenses
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What's the difference between Fog Free coating and your regular anti-fog coating and sprays?
While our regular anti-fog coating and sprays do help with fogging, they do not eliminate it entirely. Fog Free coating is chemically bonded to both sides of the lens before the lens is cut, and it includes a hard anti-scratch coating. The coating works on a molecular level to keep water molecules from bunching together and causing the blinding fog that is so dangerous on safety glasses. The result is a coating that NEVER fogs, even when going from the coldest conditions to hot, humid climate. The lenses may develop a layer of water instead of fog, but the water is transparent and is not dangerous.

Can I get Fog Free with any other coatings?
While Fog Free coating does include a double-sided hard anti-scratch coating, Fog Free is not compatible with any other coatings. Other coatings will prevent the Fog Free coating from bonding with the lens on a molecular level.

Why is Fog Free $50?
Wouldn't it be cheaper for me to just buy an anti-fog spray cleaner or Cat Crap anti-fog? Other anti-fog products work, they just don't work as well as Fog Free. Anti-fog sprays and pastes need to constantly be reapplied, and even then the lenses still fog somewhat. Constant reapplication means you end up paying the same amount over a longer period of time as you constantly have to purchase more spray or paste. Fog Free NEVER fogs and is only applied once.
The reason that Fog Free is more expensive than many other coatings and accessories is because it is done in a specialized laboratory environment in a separate facility from our in-house lab. The coating is applied to uncut lenses as opposed to being applied at the end of the process to already-cut lenses, as Anti-Reflective coating is done. The resulting coating is unparalleled, but the process does incur more cost than some other coatings.

Can I see it in action?
We are currently in the process of filming instructional video segments, and we plan on doing one that shows just how great Fog Free is. Stay tuned for this video in early 2012.

Which glasses can I get Fog Free on?
We are proud to offer our exclusive Fog Free lenses on the following frame brands:

Rx-Safety, Wiley X, Bobster, Fuglies, BodySpecs, CAT, ESS, Smith Optics

Due to the way Fog Free is applied, we have only listed the tints that are compatible with the coating.

PLEASE READ: Fog Free coating works on the molecular level to prevent water from forming into fog. Because of this, the coating is capable of being "deactivated" if cleaned with water. Over time, or after being cleaned with water, the coating absorbs water and then will be more prone to fogging. There is a simple solution for this. Clean your lenses every 2-4 weeks with De-Fog It! wipes, which we sell in our accessories area. These will remove the absorbed water and rejuvenate the coating. In addition, it helps to store your glasses in a dry place outside of a case, if possible. This will allow any collected moisture to evaporate off of the glasses.

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