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Excellent safety glasses by Melissa

For a few years, I've been using the cheap bifocal safety glasses, and I never really liked them. I bought these with progressive lenses, and I absolutely LOVE them. I can see so much better with these. They're comfortable, and my prescription is perfect. When I need a new pair, I will buy them here. Very happy with my new glasses.

awesome for motorcycle by Richard

i love this model! ihave owned several other styles of wiley-x glasses in the past, but these protect against the wind so much better.

Comfortable by Ryan

Light comfortable and no bulky or dopy looking insert. Wear just like my oakleys and dont slip. Really looking forward to wearing these all day for work

Good ones by Larry

The pic doesn't do them justice Thees are a good quality safety of glasses with durable frame.

Eye Protection by Odie895

I work on electrical panels on a every day basis. Better protection for my eyes and feel much safer than my regular glasses.

Loose by Carmen

Tight around the ears and loose around the eyes . They bounce up and down when you move. Going to play with them see if I can get them to fit better.

Awesome glasses by ROSINA

3-9-17. I received my rx safety glasses today, don't let the bad reviews for this site stop you from ordering from them !! I was very skeptical about ordering because of the bad reviews, but very happy I took the leap and ordered. The glasses are exactly as described, the prescription is exactly like it's supposed to be, and the transition gray works great. Thank you Rx Safety for giving me the opportunity to buy great safety glasses with everything I needed!! Very satisfied customer, I will be buying all my safety glasses through you guys

Very sturdy design by DC

These glasses are good quality. The frames are quite heavy weight aluminum(?) and fairly comfortable. Not entirety a full wrap-around design as already noted, but adequate in most circumstances. One serious drawback is the arms are metal and the corners are uncovered, when folded they intersect the lens. First use and my lens was scratched, might have been right out of the box. They should be at a minimum covered with rubber, or better not touch the lens when folded.

Good product by Mechanic

This product is well built and has already saved me having deep scratches.

Better then my $1200.00 Calvin Klein's by Thomas

I bought these because I like to target shoot......They are overall the best prescription glasses I ever owned!

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