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Beware these are BIG by SEAN

These look a lot like the glasses i ordered 5 years ago. (They changed items?) You could pretty much wear these over the top of other glasses. Quality wise they seem great....Like pretty awesome on people would HUGE heads...If your medium to small size think it over. I might just take what ever restocking fee i get hit with and return them for a pair closer to my size...I just feel like a character out of a mad max movie wearing these!

Extremely happy customer. by Kenyon

I bought these specifically for wearing on my Harley. I wear a helmet with a short face shield and was getting too much air in my eyes. I wear progressives but ordered these in single vision. They are great. really keep out the wind and the Transitions Xtractive darkens just enough behind the shield so as to be really comfortable. I like them so much I wear them on car trips as well and the Xtractive darkens just as advertised. Couldn't be a happier customer.

Nice Safety glasses for a narrow face. by Joshua

I chose these glasses because I had a narrow/oval shaped head and many others don't fit well. These glasses fit well although it took a bit to get the nose piece adjusted to where it wasn't bothering me. Otherwise nice glasses and will enjoy them.

Comfortable glasses! by Robin

I purchased these safety glasses in Purple, to take to the gun range, because I've been hit with one of the empty cartridge and I did not want my new every day glasses getting hit. I splurged getting transition no-line bi-focals, just in case we were shooting outside. What I did not expect was how comfortable they are. There so comfortable that I sleep in them. I have to wear them to watch t.v. and I always fall asleep wearing them. I can't do that with my every day glasses.

Great frames... x4 by Hank

This is my 4th pair of WileyX frames over the past 12 years. All have been great... still have and can use each of them. Lightweight and tough... I have multiple tints for different outdoor activities... all are prescription. RX-Safety has always gotten the prescription perfect! Latest pair are Transitions that I use for indoor / outdoor racquet sports. No more contacts for me. Great glasses!

Excellent safety glasses by Melissa

For a few years, I've been using the cheap bifocal safety glasses, and I never really liked them. I bought these with progressive lenses, and I absolutely LOVE them. I can see so much better with these. They're comfortable, and my prescription is perfect. When I need a new pair, I will buy them here. Very happy with my new glasses.

awesome for motorcycle by Richard

i love this model! ihave owned several other styles of wiley-x glasses in the past, but these protect against the wind so much better.

Comfortable by Ryan

Light comfortable and no bulky or dopy looking insert. Wear just like my oakleys and dont slip. Really looking forward to wearing these all day for work

Good ones by Larry

The pic doesn't do them justice Thees are a good quality safety of glasses with durable frame.

Eye Protection by Odie895

I work on electrical panels on a every day basis. Better protection for my eyes and feel much safer than my regular glasses.

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