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Great Wraparound by GERALD

Glasses shipped on time. Very comfortable. I was concerned about them fogging up with the foam liners next to my face, but they don't. There are enough slots in them to allow air flow. They are very good at keeping saw dust and dirt out of your eyes. Great price. I got the anti scratch coating, so will be interesting to see how they hold up in a saw dust environment.

Great safety glasses by Mike

These glasses are used for work and recreation, they make great motorcycle glasses. I got the progressive, anti scratch, Transitions (Advantage). And they work flawlessly, they darken when supposed to and lighten indoors. I actually forgot I was wearing my these glasses until I saw my everyday glasses sitting on my counter. Great purchase!!!

Awesome sunglasses!!! by Justin

I work in the oilfield and these are perfect!!! Prescription is spot on and they look great!!!

Love them fit nice and light by Nathan

so for i been wearing these prescription safety glasses about 2 week they are comfortable 8 hour shift doesn't fall off your face when you look down plus they light well build good communication with custom service

great safety glasses by Kevin

Excellent product, very satisfied with the safety glasses, and even more impressed with the customer service. RX-safety.com has one a lifetime customer. I will be recommending them to all of my coworkers and colleagues.

Good deal! by Brian

I like the glasses a lot, half the cost of anywhere else. Only problem is the ear piece is a little tight behind my ears and gets old after wearing them all day. Overall I'm happy with my purchase.

Very pleased by A. J.

These are used strictly for work. The glasses hug my head w/out being uncomfortable. The lenses are Progressive, Transition, anti-fog, and anti-scratch. I can always see what I'm doing regardless of lighting or humidity. They look great. I gave 4 stars for quality because the lower inside edge of the right lens got missed by the final polish leaving it a little rough. With that said I will still be getting another pair in a few months for outdoor use at home because they are that good.

It is nice to save my regular glasses and add more safety by Scott

The glasses fit great and the progressive lenses are every bit as good as my traditional glasses. It is nice to save my regular glasses from the abuse of everyday carpentry work and actually have true "safety" glasses.

Nice looking Safety Glasses by Michael

I purchased this set of safety glasses and am impressed with the quality. Lenses were made perfectly!

Most comfortable glasses ever! by Robin

I purchased a pair of these glasses with my perscription lens, to wear when we were at the shooting range, or outside target practice, I did not want to ruin my good glasses by the casing of the bullets.. They are the most comfortable glasses and I ruined them, 100% my fault. I spilled a chemical on them and it ruined the one lens. I re-purchased the same glasses and i know they are safety glasses but i wear them, almost all the time. Believe it or not, i get compliments from strangers that they love my glasses and they don’t even notice the shields on the side. If I am wearing the good pair, which is when we go out to a dress up place, by the end of the evening, I can not wait to switch and get the the safety glasses back on. I can not see the t.v so I have them on at night, absolutely no pressure points if I fall asleep with them on. I do think that th picture of the glasses on their website, does not due them justice, because it black/clear, but if you open it up, you can see the different colors, I got the purple and when I need a new perscription pair of glasses, I will get only 1 pair, THESE! I love them!

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