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silicone by Wendy

the nosepads are silicone and work great

Good product, good service by Blane

I ordered safety glasses from Zenni, and they didn't tell me that a wrap around frame wouldn't work for my prescription, so when i got them, the glasses didn't work for me. Them out was like pulling teeth to return them. The team here immediately let me know that wrap around frames wouldn't be an option, so I was able to choose a suitable frame. They work great. I love the blue block coating. I'd recommend both the product and the company to anyone.

Very Pleased with the Quality of my new Safety Glasses! by Fishwckr

I was skeptical to order safety glasses with my new prescription online, but decided to take a chance and see how they would work for me. To my surprise... the prescription was spot on perfect and I am Extremely Pleased with this purchase. I am placing an order for a second pair for use at home. Thank You to RX-SAFETY for doing a GREAT JOB!

Not good for people with large heads by Junior

I have a big head. The website never asked about how wide the space needed to be between the two arms. I ended up having to go a local optician to get them to adjust the glasses to keep them from squeezing my brain outta my head. The glasses other wise are great quality. Also the glasses come with a great case. No need to buy a case which I wish I had known.

Always satisfied by Mike

I have been purchasing prescription safety glasses from Rx-Safety for years. This frame is sturdy but light. My prescription was fairly complex. It appears the lenses were made accurately. Turn around time is always faster than promised and pricing is reasonable. I like being able to select my options without the high pressure of making a fast decision.

Highly recommend by Weldaholic

These safety glasses are great and comfortable! They fit nice with welding helmets and don't get in the way. The only bad thing is that they are a little too wide around the front of my head but they fit snug and dont dangle when I look down. Im getting used to them already.

Better than expected! by Brian

I usually don't purchase online due to my personal preferences for fit / style (also, because of my face structure vs head shape) (yep, I admit I have a misshapen head). I took a chance on these and was pleasantly surprised. I chose almost all the options you can (transition, poly, anti-reflective, etc). They fit perfect and there is no distortion as the lenses wraps wround. I'd highly recommend these.

Very comfortable glasses by Mark

I purchased these glasses for OSHA compliance at my work. I'm very happy with how comfortable the glasses are. After wearing them all day I can honestly say they're more comfortable than my regular glasses. I got the Trivex lens with anti-glare, scratch resistance, and UV protection and couldn't be happier with the clarity. I would highly recommend these glasses to anyone at my work who is in need of a quality prescription pair of safety glasses.

Glad I got them by Ric

Over all, Im VERY pleased, the price was good, the glasses are great everyone asks me "Where did you get them" The only thing Im not 100% happy about is the rubber nose pad, they fall off, so be careful. I will probably buy another pair soon.

Excellent service... by Aric

These safety glasses were made and shipped in a timely manner, as requested in the order. These safety glasses are high quality and just what I needed. Really appreciated all the features they were able to add to the lenses! Needless to say, I'll be buying another pair in the future - probably the Wiley X Valor. Recommendation: You guys should offer prescription sunglasses and regular glasses as well.

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