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The CorpRx Plan
from Rx-Safety

Rx-Safety is your best source for prescription safety glasses! At Rx-Safety and the Phillips Safety family of companies, it is our goal to provide the simplest and most flexible buying plans for our corporate customers.

About the Plan

With the CorpRx plan, we provide you with the tools and knowledge you need to make the ordering process a breeze for your in-house staff, eliminating the overhead costs associated with sending employees to opticians. At the same time, we offer the widest selection of stylish wraparound frames and classic flat frames, along with a huge selection of lens options. Whether you're looking for a pair of polarized wraparound sunglasses or a standard aviator with clear lenses, we've got a pair of safety glasses for every need. A safety program means nothing without employee compliance. We make you a pair that offers the maximum protection for your line of work that your employees will love to wear.

When you open a CorpRx plan with Rx-Safety, there are a few key aspects of the service experience that keep our customers coming back time and again:

  • For larger companies that need in-house service, we will send one of our experienced field representatives to your facility to take measurements, show frame and lens selections, and take orders. This rep will be happy to train your staff if you prefer to do it yourself in the future.
  • We assign every CorpRx account a personal sales representative, regardless of size. Your company will experience the best service and care from experienced and trained optical professionals.
  • Our state-of-the art optical lab and experienced in-house staff allows you to avoid the cost and confusion associated with middle-men and outside opticians. We keep it simple!

Tailored to Meet Your Needs

Seamless remote management of your Corporate RX program:

  • Your own personal assigned account manager who assists in the ordering, selection and billing processes.
  • Net 30 billing or payments via major credit card or bank wire transfer.
  • Employees can use their credit card to pay for the portion that's above the company approved dollar amount or for the total amount.
  • If am employee goes for a new eye exam it's suggested that they take the frame they selected and our Corp Rx order form. Their local eye doctor or eye shop can complete the prescription portion of the form and take any necessary measurements.
  • Our safety glasses either meet or exceed the ANSI Z87-1 standards.
  • Our eye wear products have a one year manufacturer's warranty against defects.
  • Prescriptions are guaranteed to be accurate according to ANSI standards or we'll remake them at no charge.
  • If an employee does not like their frames or gave us the wrong prescription and/or measurement(s) and requires their glasses remade, we offer a 50% remake fee. If the cost of the lenses are $150, the remake fee is $75.00.

Additional Information

Current Prescription
All orders require a copy of a current prescription. 

Pupil Distance (PD) Measurement – somewhere between 54mm - 72mm
The pupil distance is the distance (measured in mm) between the center of your pupils when looking far away in the distance. All prescriptions require a pupil distance (PD) measurement. Your PD remains constant and does not change and is usually on record at your eye doctor. The average PD for an adult male is 65mm and female is 63mm. The PD may be noted as a monocular measurement somewhere between 26mm - 36mm, the first number denotes the right eye. See a video on how to measure the PD.

Segment Height Frame Measurement
Progressive no lined bifocals also require a segment height measurement. The segment height is a frame measurement unique for each frame on each person. The segment height is a measurement in mm from the bottom of the lens (of the specific frame ordering) to center of each pupil. See video on how to measure segment height.

Note: Lined Bifocals – FT28 or FT35 can be set at a standard segment height of 4mm below center - 4BC.

Wrap Restrictions
Most of our wrap frames are not suitable for higher prescriptions with a combined power of 4.0 or above, sphere at or above 3.0 or a cylinder at or above 2.5. Use our wrap alternative models RX-EGM or RX-206 for these higher prescriptions or any flat style metal or plastic frame. Progressive lenses require a pupil distance (PD) measurement of 65 or greater. Not everyone can adapt to a wrap around frame as the curvature may cause some distortion.

Sample Kit of Six Frames
To see the quality of our product and to have frames on-hand, we offer a sample selection of six frames for a refundable administration fee plus shipping, with a retail value of over $500. Multiple kits available.

CorpRx Order Form
Customized Corp RX Order form personalized to your specifications, employees can take it to their eye doctor or you may complete the form.

Lead Time
Once the order is placed, our lab completes them in 7 - 14 business days.